“It’s a place for different artists to come down and paint, or draw, or whatever. That’s why it’s so slow, because I’m trying to run both. I’m afraid to hire anybody because I don’t know if there’s going to be enough interest to keep it alive. The way it makes money is it revolves on you can’t really bring in your outside food. You want a drink, you have to buy my drinks. That way, everything else is free.  If we don’t get enough people, it’ll shut down. But it’s a good time. Every Thursday night, from 6pm til 1am, a lot of us meet over there. We draw, we paint, sometimes we watch a movie while we do it.  You can bring a laptop and work on photographs or anything art or hobby oriented. We had the guys from Hobby Express up Saturday, we had a night set up and they all built quad copters. It was a good night, we built a ton of quad copters.” [Mike owns Crayon’s Tattoo and is trying to keep Untitled, which is next door to Crayon’s, running as a haven for local artists.]

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Elena is a professional photographer and knitting enthusiast originally from Aliquippa and is somewhat ashamed to admit she currently resides in Butler. She has spent most of her life working for her family at Sheffield Lanes and The Fallout Shelter, where she fixes bowling machines and drinks. You can see more of her photography on her website or follow her on Facebook.