In Memory Letterpress

If you were looking carefully this morning, you might have noticed a new tab called “In Memory” in our navigation bar.

After months of careful thought, planning, and development, we are proud to announce that we have established partnerships with a collection of local funeral homes in order to completely revolutionize the way you experience and interact with obituaries in Beaver County.

At first glance, you might not think of obituaries as the type of upbeat, positive stories that you would associate with Your Beaver County. But we believe that we can approach the topic in a fresh and creative way.

Our goal is to make them more about celebrating the life of a loved one than simply listing their extended family in a formal template that is difficult, if not frustrating to read.

How Obituaries Work

The standard obituary starts out with a person’s name, date of birth, where they lived, and where they worked. It then goes into a detailed description of their family members and finishes with the dates, times, and locations of the funeral services.

But it’s 2015!

Why don’t these obituaries contain stories of that time when your uncle hit the lottery and took everyone on a fabulous vacation?

Why don’t they talk about the lives your grandmother touched when she volunteered at the homeless shelter?

Why are we limiting obituaries to one black and white photo? Why can’t we include entire slideshows celebrating the lives of our loved ones?

Finding an Obituary

Did you know that most of the funeral homes in Beaver County already publish the standard obituaries on their own websites?

This can be a great help if you know which funeral home to search for the particular person you are looking for. If not, you don’t have many options for finding the information to attend a particular person’s funeral.

Why don’t we have a free place online that contains information on all of the obituaries in Beaver County so that we can quickly find information about funerals we would like to attend?

Our New Concept

Because Your Beaver County has become the online hub for the community, we are in a unique position to act as a central location to publish obituaries. Since we are not limited on space or bandwidth, we are able to do new things like include tribute videos or publish detailed stories describing the life of great Beaver County residents.

Marc Iddings from Simpson Funeral Home immediately understood the value behind our ideas and has been the driving force behind the development of In Memory. As the owner of one of the most popular funeral homes in Beaver County, his insight has been a tremendous help.

For each of our partners, we will publish the most critical information from the obituary and then link to the funeral home site where you can find the full article.

This will provide readers with a hub where they can quickly find the person they are looking for and get the times of the services. Then, if they want more detailed info, they will be able to link right through to the full obituary.

We will also be incorporating features for our premium partners like publishing the tribute videos that are usually on display at the funeral home as well as writing more detailed life stories that include more personal details than a standard obituary.

Another area where we believe that we can add value is through our search box. While the funeral service information has a limited shelf life, things like tribute videos and life stories have value for the families indefinitely.

From the In Memory page, you will be able to search through all of the obituaries we have published. Even years later you will still be able to access tribute videos and life stories that were published for your loved one.

Our Founding Partners

At the launch of In Memory we have partnerships in place with the following funeral homes:

  • Simpson Funeral and Cremation Services in Monaca
  • Huntsman Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Aliquippa
  • Huntsman Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Rochester
  • Huntsman Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Moon Twp.
  • Gabauer Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc. in New Brighton
  • Gabauer-Lutton Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. in Beaver Falls
  • Gabauer-Lutton Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. in Chippewa
  • Gabauer-Matter Funeral Home in Ambridge
  • Gabauer-Matter Funeral Home in Koppel
  • Noll Funeral Home in Beaver
  • Schwerha-Noll Funeral Home in Midland
  • J.T. Anderson Funeral Home in Beaver
  • J&J Spratt Funeral Home Inc. in New Brighton

As you can see, we are off to a great start here with some of the most popular funeral homes in Beaver County quickly jumping on board. Moving forward, we would like to continue to expand our network by adding additional funeral homes to the mix.

If you are a funeral home director and would like more information about partnering with Your Beaver County’s In Memory section, feel free to contact Jeanette by email at any time for a detailed breakdown of our partnership packages. She can also be reached by phone at 724-581-6089.

Andrew is a professional freelance writer and lifelong resident of Beaver County. He created Your Beaver County to promote and showcase all of the positive aspects of our incredible local culture! You can find more of Andrew’s professional information at Brooklyn Content, or you can also follow him on his personal twitter account, @theAndrewSelby.