“Today we are volunteering for the homeless, trying to get a count and seeing what we can do to help them. It’s important to help them because it’s not fair. Just because they are struggling doesn’t mean they have to be out in the cold, freezing. 

Well that and because there’s so many resources that people are unaware of that we can help provide. Even if it’s just assisting with one homeless person, it’s one more that we didn’t know about before. It’s about helping them get stable and back on their feet.

As we’re talking to people, we’re doing a demographic of their household needs. Its not just providing housing, but there’s help with food, medical, and utility.

I’ve cried probably four or five times today, it’s really hard not to feel bad. It makes us appreciate everything. To hear their stories and know that they trust us enough to sit here and tell us, that in itself alone just grabs your heart. There’s so many things that I can relate to, we just took different paths to handle the situations. I could’ve so easily ended up in their shoes.”

Brianne Kovacs
Brianne is a freelance photographer in the Beaver County area. She attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, which first sparked her interest in photography. She is now the co-owner of Weston & Kovacs Photography and also works for Lincoln Learning Solutions in Rochester. She is a resident of Beaver Falls and is involved in many community projects. You can see more of her work here.