Here we are again, another edition of What the Health, Beaver County. In my never-ending quest for the perfect balance of health and, well, straight up bacon eating, I have found something new.

free spirit

New to me, I mean. This technique has been around for thousands of years. I’m talkin about acupuncture, and it’s found right in the heart of Beaver.What initially brought me to Free Spirit Acupuncture and Wellness was stress.  The stress of small business ownership, and the stress of managing two kids under 5, and the stress of a teenager and the stress of… well, you get it.  Stress.  Stress leads to other issues, like high blood pressure and mindless eating…. which leads to high cholesterol and weight gain.. which leads to…

I mean, this paragraph could go on for the length of this post. I’ll get straight to it.

Free Spirit started offering something new back in August called Community Acupuncture. This traditional group setting is a commonplace for Chinese medicine. It brings the community together with the practitioner for the good of everyone. This was my opportunity to try it out. Heck, I have spent $20 on things way more ridiculous than taking a stab (get it? stab? needles? harhar) at improved health. So here I went… on my way down Third Street.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the office was the amazing smell of essential oils and the calming music. Not knowing what was about to come, sitting in the office chair could have been healing enough. A few minutes of uninterrupted time with my own thoughts are something that hasn’t been easy to come across lately, let alone with the smell of thieves and New Age music twanging away. It was nice. That’s rare for a waiting room.

Next step was actually being brought back into the treatment area. On my first visit – and actually a few times since – I was treated in a private room, because the community area was so full.  First thing they did was ask me what my symptoms were.  Uh, all of the above?? But seriously, I went with the more prominent of them. Stress. High blood pressure. Anxiety. Aka the trifecta of misery.  Going in, my BP was around 150/95. Not so great…  So, Brian fluffed a pillow for under my head and grabbed a bolster for under my knees and went to work.


While I was nervous for the needles (think Hellraiser. EEEK), it ended up feeling like, well, nothing actually. There were tingling feelings in the muscles after the needles were inserted, but zero insertion pain. While the needles are long, they are so thin! Each needle was placed with precision at the points on my body that relate to my issues. Three on my hairline, one in each elbow ,one in each hand, one in each knee, elbow and foot, and then one on my breastbone. From there, it was 25 minutes of mandatory relaxation and breathing. 25 minutes of bliss, tbh.



After the 25 minutes were up, the needles were removed. I was left with an amazing feeling of calm and contentment from the whole procedure. My stress levels were down for the week and hey, guess what. My blood pressure went down to 124/82.  Without any other lifestyle changes, I’d say this was a pretty successful treatment!

that being said, clearly I am not in any position to be giving medical advice – listen to your doctor, not Ana Beaverhausen for your health ,please

Since then, I have been attending the Community Acupuncture on Tuesday evenings since.  While they are no longer a weekly occurrence, they did tell me they are looking into possibly hosting a few each month due to the overwhelming popularity.  The next step is to try cupping. There are many health benefits associated with this treatment as well, so I am really looking forward to giving it a try!

Be sure to check them out in person or online at

You won’t regret it!