My real name’s Dwayne, but everybody calls me Tony. I make pancakes and I don’t eat them. Well, I’ll eat them once in a while ’cause we have a pancake supper at church on Tuesdays and I do the pancakes there, too. I like to volunteer…and I love being around people.

“He was one of the people who was drafted and had quit school and started down at, it was called Spangs at the time, it was a pipe mill.  He had just come back from the Navy and in those days, they had dances for teenagers. I went to school in Ambridge, at St. Veronica’s, and with a couple of my friends, I went to one of those teen dances. So I met him at this dance. You had to be 21 to get married, and I was 20, so my mother had to sign for me.”

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Elena is a professional photographer and knitting enthusiast originally from Aliquippa and is somewhat ashamed to admit she currently resides in Butler. She has spent most of her life working for her family at Sheffield Lanes and The Fallout Shelter, where she fixes bowling machines and drinks. You can see more of her photography on her website or follow her on Facebook.