The basic necessities of life can be categorized by needs and wants. Things like oxygen, water, shelter, food are obviously needs. Wants can be a nice car, an iPhone, a laptop, pizza.

Where would coffee fall? For me, it’s an absolute necessity. Without coffee, my day gets off to a horrible start. In Beaver County, we have two Starbucks and two Dunkin’ Donuts. These are undoubtedly the heavy hitters in the coffee world in this country.

Beaver County’s Coffee Roasterie


For the past nine years, Beaver Countians have had an alternative to the corporate coffee world. Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie has been selling coffee beans from around the world, freshly roasted in the back of their store.

Owned by Kathy and David Chabala, Hallowed Grounds imports coffee beans from literally around the world: Africa, Southeast Asia, India, South America, Central America, Jamaica, and Hawaii. Hallowed Grounds takes pride on sourcing coffee from farms, private estates, and co-ops. Since most of the places where these coffee beans grow are in third-world countries, partnering with local farmers can have a huge impact on their families and improving the local economy.

An Astounding Selection


Upon entering Hallowed Grounds, I was hit with one of the best smells I could have asked for: freshly roasted coffee. I was astounded with how many different types of coffee beans they sell. And every single one of them is roasted right in their store. They import 10, 150 pound burlap sacks of coffee beans every month. That’s 1,500 pounds of coffee!

While that seems like a lot, and it is, David Chabala is considered a micro-roaster because he roasts small amounts of coffee every other day. During the holiday season, he is roasting beans on a daily basis. The roasted beans then go into their mini silo containers, appropriately labeled, and then sold by the pound.

Their coffees are even categorized: Novice, Aficionado, Connoisseur, Direct Trade, and Snob (Hawaiian and Jamaican Blue Mountain). On top of that, they sell an assortment of flavored coffee beans (think Creme Brulee and S’mores) for $12.95 per pound. Hallowed Grounds also sells French press coffee makers, along with the Chemex wood collar glass coffee maker. This Chemex “beaker” is allegedly one of the best, if not THE best way to brew coffee.

Lots and Lots of Tea


If coffee isn’t your “cup of tea,” then Hallowed Grounds has you covered…with tea. A lot of tea. Loose tea. Canned tea. Boxed tea. Lots and lots of tea. Their specialty loose teas are broken down into herb & fruit, green, black, estate and organic, white & oolong, chai, and artisan flowering.

I was especially intrigued with the Silver Needle White tea, a tea that only the emperors of China were allowed to drink at one time. It is the purest tea in the world. They have tea pots, carafes, and tons of other accessories for brewing tea, and containers that keep it nice and hot throughout the day.

Homemade Organic Peanut Butter


What I also found pretty cool about Hallowed Grounds is that they have a machine to make homemade, organic peanut butter. You grind the three different types of peanuts in the machine, and out comes fresh peanut butter. Next to that, they have an iced coffee machine if you want that extra caffeine kick. And to top it off, Hallowed Grounds sells Dulcinea Craft Chocolate bars.

Before leaving, I picked up a bag of the Black and Gold blend. Yes, an ode to our sports teams, but also, an ode to the types of beans that make up this blend. Dark beans mixed with light beans. The next morning, I ground the beans and made a fresh pot. Let me tell you, this blend was spot on. It tasted perfect.

The next time you are looking for freshly roasted beans or some of the best loose leaf tea, head to Hallowed Grounds in downtown New Brighton. It’ll blow you away.

You can visit Hallowed Grounds on the web at www.hallowed-grounds.com or at their storefront location, 1106 3rd Avenue, New Brighton. They can also be reached by phone at 724-581-JAVA (5282).

Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando