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Love dogs? Love coffee? Me too! You know what’s better than puppy kisses and a cup o’ joe in the morning? Knowing that the delicious beverage in your hand directly helped support homeless pets right here in Beaver County. (P.S. this is a great way to participate in #GivingTuesday and cross some coffee-lovers off your Christmas list!)

When you purchase coffee (or coffee-related items) from Pittsburgh-based Grounds & Hounds, 20% of the proceeds are donated to local rescue groups and animal shelters. I’ve seen bags on the shelves at Agway in Beaver, but the donation process still works when you buy online at

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Grounds & Hounds holds a special place in my heart. The latter half of my decade-long career as a veterinary technician has been at a practice in the North Hills. It’s a busy hospital, but still small enough that our clients come to feel like family, sharing their lives and stories with the staff. This is especially true when pets have chronic conditions – the “frequent flyers,” if you will.

One of the first regulars that I got to know was a lovely little female Bulldog with the biggest personality that I’ve ever seen (seriously…she had strict habits when she came to visit, and had all of us trained to the point that we were legitimately worried about how she would handle the remodeling of the waiting room…but I digress). Her people loved her dearly – and so did we.

Several years ago, the beloved Bulldog’s owner dad first told us about his son’s idea to start a company that would help animals in need. Fate had brought a skinny, tick-infested Dalmatian puppy with brown freckles to Jordan Karcher’s lap at an adoption event in Santa Monica. He signed the papers for 8-month-old Molly on the spot, and she’s been his constant companion ever since.

Molly brought so much joy to Jordan’s life that he was inspired to find a way to help more people have a chance to find such a special connection with a rescued pet. More funding for pet rescues = more room and supplies for adoptable pets. In 2014, his MBA from Notre Dame and philanthropic passion for pets paid off: Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. was born – with, of course, Molly’s spotted figure representing its founding dog.

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Some of you may know that the Beaver County Humane Society had its funding cut this year, and is struggling to keep afloat…we’re hoping that our YBC readers will partner up with Grounds & Hounds and make a difference. Read on.


  • YBC has over 22,000 followers.
  • Harvard School of Public Health reports that 54% of Americans drink coffee daily.
  • Grounds & Hounds donates 20% of proceeds to our local animal rescues & shelters.

54% of 22K…that gives us 11,880 coffee-drinking followers.

What would happen if each of our coffee-drinking followers purchased ONE $14 bag of G&H’s “Sit & Stay” blend?

11,880 x $14 x 0.20 = $33,264 would be donated to pets in need. RIGHT HERE in Western PA.

That is huge! HUGE!! So let’s see how big of a difference we can make…

Shop Grounds & Hounds online here, and follow them on Facebook @GroundsandHounds.

P.S. Share your photos & stories about your rescued pets in the comments – we love warm & fuzzies!


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She is forever curious and has a playful personality, but is also fiercely driven and dedicated to her passions!