Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

The Beaverhausen family, as a whole, loves to taste test. A family battle of ‘which is better!?’ is a great time. We have taken on donuts, pizza, and chili just to name a few. The Mister and I participated in Vintage Estate’s Blind Pumpkin Beer Tasting a few years ago and it was a big time!

The YBC team is no stranger to a tasting challenge either! Andy made history with his ‘Top Ten Fries’ article series, and so did Corey with his burger list.

Where am I going with this?? Lemme tell you. I’m going right to Third Street in Beaver for Grandpa Joe’s Gourmet Root Beer Tasting!

Back by popular demand is the most fun you can have with root beer! The last time they held this event, over 150 people attended. If you are a root beer fan, you may already be well aware of this event. If not, please keep reading (actually even if you are aware, just keep reading anyway. You are almost halfway through it.. why not, right??).

The event consists of six different root beers. These have been hand selected by the owners, Adam and Chris. I don’t know how they chose these particular six from their 60+ varieties, but you can be sure they used only the most scientific of methods. Knowing Adam, my guess would be either with a Nerf gun or good ol’ round of ‘Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe’. Even if you did participate in the last event, the six varieties are different this time.

There are several categories that will be used in the tasting. Four F categories, to be exact. Flavor, Fizz, Frothiness, and Finish. All with very thought-provoking questions in each. Is the flavor more reminiscent of sarsaparilla or does it lean more toward cherry or even vanilla? Does it have enough fizz that it leaves a tingle on your tongue, or does it go down smooth? How about froth? Is there a nice head on it when it is poured? And lastly, the finish. Does the flavor linger?

At the end there is a bonus question… to pick your favorite! If you can, of course! Once you complete your entry sheet and turn it in, you are entered into a drawing for a ‘Mix & Match Classic Glass Bottle Soda Six Pack’. There are so many bottles to choose from though you might need to ask Adam to borrow his Nerf gun to help you choose!

The event runs this Thursday, August 4th from 4 pm-8 pm. While it does go on for four hours, your own tasting should only take around 20 or 30 minutes to complete. There will also be snacks out to cleanse your palate between varieties.

The best? There is NO cost to participate! You DO need to preregister though! Attendance is limited! Email Adam at and let him know how many are coming. Bring the whole family, all of your friends, maybe some neighbors, someone you just met but that seems like an ok person. Anyone you want, just make sure you email Adam in advance to tell him how many!

This is a very serious event, folks. Who will be crowned ‘Best Root Beer’ this time around?? You be the judge. I can’t wait to find out!

Anastasia Beaverhausen is a married, stay-at-home mom of three kids. She was born, raised and still lives in downtown Beaver. Her main goals in life are making sure everyone lives through the week, the house doesn’t end up condemned, and teaching two (so far) small people how to “people” properly. In her free time, Ana enjoys running, knitting and gardening, although free time is a pretty tough thing to come by these days. Follow her on twiter @bcBeaverhausen!