Juice is some pretty amazing stuff. Not only does it taste great, but done correctly it can be amazingly healthy for you. Meg Grimes believes that raw, living juice is vital to good health, which is why she opened Herban Touch Juice Lab.

Herban touch specializes in fresh, raw, and unpasteurized juices that are cold-pressed in-house daily. These, along with smoothies, salads, and a few other treats are giving Beaver County a whole new healthy side that everyone needs to try.

Herban Touch Juice Lab

Herban Touch is as fresh as their juices are. Opened on February 17th of this year, the business is already booming as more and more people are finding it nestled just off of 3rd Street in Beaver. It’s here on their second story rear location that the home base for all things juice and health in Beaver County lives.

While the location may be new, Meg is no stranger to making juice for the masses.

Since last May she’s been making and distributing her mix of juices around Beaver County, most notably at Café Kolache, also in Beaver. When business got too big to handle by distribution, she moved things in-house and started her first physical store. Since opening the business has been steady, with a mix of juices, smoothies, and salads leading the pack as the top sellers.

Everything created and sold at Herban Touch is done so on-site and by hand. Even the dressing for each of the salads is made from scratch. Every ingredient used sticks to the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen rule for when to buy organic.

It’s this level of dedication and control that gives Herban Touch the ability to consistently provide amazing juice and food. While the menu will change with the season, some of their current offerings have a forever home at Herban Touch, partially because the customers love them, but also because Meg and her team can’t part with a few of them.

Two weeks after opening, the team is comprised of Meg Grimes, the founder and owner, her right-hand-lady Jade Cageao, and the newest employee, Ryan. Together they make juice that’s equal parts healthy and tasty as well as other offerings that are just as delicious and healthy as their juices.


The Juices

Speaking of juices, the biggest draw for Herban Touch is definitely their juice. Each of the six juice blends currently offered is made to be as tasty as it is healthy. Meg believes that it doesn’t matter how healthy a juice blend is, if it doesn’t taste amazing nobody will drink it. Each of the juices is very different from one another, with the only threads tying them together being the health benefits and tastiness.

Meg’s favorite juice that also happens to be a year-round offering is the Bloody Valentine. This juice includes red beets, strawberries, red bell peppers, fair trade cacao and vanilla beans, black pepper, and spearmint. In short, it’s pretty amazing. The biggest seller is definitely the Chlorophyll. This simple juice has apples, organic spinach, and lemongrass oil to give a clean and fresh taste that suits just about every palate.

On my visit I had a mean cough, so the ladies suggested I try the Buster Bluth. This bad boy contains oranges, lemons, limes, organic flowering kale, spirulina, garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, and oregano oil.

Thankfully I’m a big fan of garlic and trying new things, because this one was amazing. The long list of ingredients can scare some off, but you really should try it at least once. It’s healthy and delicious.

Juices will run you $7 each, but you can also pick up a 6-pack variety for $35.

Herban Touch also offers guided juice cleanses in two, three, or whole week varieties. These give you 4 juices per day as well as snack/meal replacements for whatever level you choose. Prices on these are on the website, which you can find here.



Along with Juices Herban Touch also offers smoothies. Currently they offer two varieties including the Woodland Nymph that uses rice milk, matcha tea, coconut oil, honey, and jasmine & cardamom oils, and the Bongo, which has almond milk, banana, avocado, fair trade cacao, chia seeds, and raw agave nectar.

The smoothies are definitely a sweeter option that focuses on a different taste profile than juices, so of course I recommend trying both, since you don’t want to miss out on something amazing, do you?

The smoothies at Herban Touch each run $7.

Immunity Shots

We’re not talking about the shots you get in the arm, nor the ones you take at the bar. The Immunity Shots offered at Herban Touch are like little 2-ounce bullets of pure health.

Herban Touch currently offers four of these, including the seasonal Flu Shot, which has lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan pink salt, and the Ningxia Red, which uses goji berries and a secret blend of essential oils by Young Living.

There are a few others, and while these aren’t prescribed by your doctor, the ingredients create a concentrated dose of all the healthy goodness your body needs to make itself right again. Hey, as long as there aren’t any needles involved, I’m all about the shots.

Depending on the shot you choose, these range from $3 to $5.

The Food

My first experience with Herban Touch’s new location was with their salads. Currently they offer three different salads, each of which is amazing. If you think salads are boring and rabbit food, then you need to try one of their salads.

First, and my personal favorite, is the Thai-Ger salad. This amazing salad includes kale, carrots, candied ginger, cashews, wasabi peas, and fresh mint with a Thai peanut lime dressing. There’s also the Texican salad, which includes romaine lettuce, black beans, carrots, oranges, jalapeno slices, cilantro, and smoked almonds with a lime ranch dressing.

The third salad is a fresh take on the classic Caesar, called Casear The Day. This salad includes spinach, scallions, preserved lemon, basil, and croutons with a tomato Caesar dressing. Each of the salads will run you $9, which for what you get is an amazing deal.

Along with the salads, Herban Touch also offers house-made hummus and crackers. The type of hummus changes daily, so check back often to get this fresh and delicious snack for $5. Finally, you’ll also find some healthy and organic snacks on the counter, too. Train bars and seed snack packs by Skout are offered with flavors like coconut chocolate and apple cinnamon and seeds like jalapeno salsa raw pumpkin seeds.


Everything Else

Juice bars can get a bad wrap for being over-the-top healthy and for having less-than-awesome juices. Meg wanted this trend to stop, which is why everything at Herban Touch is all about balance. From her juices to her lifestyle, Meg believes balance is the key to success.

Far from a vegan, she loves the occasional hamburger and will smile any time ice cream is mentioned. Her viewpoint on juices and healthy foods is that they allow you to do the not-so-great things you want to do and give your life some balance.

Even better, Meg and her team have made being healthy a truly delicious undertaking that’s going strong well into the future. As the weather warms up, Meg and her team plan on having outside dining and drinking areas as well as terrariums for sale and maybe even some picnic baskets to take a juice and salad lunch to the park.’

Herban Touch is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM and 10-3 on Saturdays. They’re closed on Sundays so get your juice the day before to be safe. You can get all their contact info and directions to the shop here.

Brian is a nut when it comes to all things local, especially beer. Born and raised in Center, he now resides in Beaver, loving every minute of it. A technology nut and freelance writer extraordinaire, he knows all the secret spots and things to do in the Beav.