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This article is sponsored by our friends at Beaver County Auto. If you are looking to purchase a new Chrystler, Dodge, Jeep, or Nissan, then head out to Chippewa and talk to one of their experts just like I did. 

For my second weekly test drive with our new friends at Beaver County Auto out in Chippewa, I headed over to the Dodge, Chrystler, Jeep side of their operation. While I had an appointment set to test drive something, I wasn’t exactly sure what they had in store for me this week.

As it turns out, my mission this week (should I choose to accept it) would be to test trive a 2015 Custom Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4×4 that the guys in their shop had lifted and put some ridiculous wheels on. This was going to be a fun one!

Aside from that sick 2016 Nissan Maxima that I test drove last week, this kind of high-end Jeep was actually next on the list of vehicles I was considering purchasing. Did I ever mention that I love my job?

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Custom 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4×4


Over the past few months of talking about maybe getting a Jeep, I have heard more than a few times that you’re either a Jeep person or you aren’t. But as I walked up to test drive this one, I couldn’t imagine how it’s possible to not be a Jeep person.

This thing was rugged to begin with, but the extra height and those monster wheels add a whole other dimension of coolness.

What I was really surprised to learn is that customizations like you see here are not at all uncommon for Beaver County Auto Jeeps. And since all the work was done right here at the dealership, there is absolutely no risk in voiding any aspect of the warranty.

One of the biggest selling points for the entire line of Wranglers is that there is an endless number of aftermarket parts available to customize your ride. Things like half doors, alternate tops, and extra lights are all available and made to install very easily.

No matter what type of customized Jeep you are looking for, the Jeep experts at Beaver County Auto can help you get one exactly the way that you want it.

Taking the Roof Off


As my old buddy Bill Schrum showed me around the Jeep, he pointed out that the hard top could be removed by loosening just a few bolts and then liftign it right off of the vehicle. There is even a special compartment in the back where you can store those bolts.

Since this was just a quick test drive, we didn’t bother to take the whole roof off, but we did take the front part out. While the rear roof is a pretty large piece, the front roof acts more like a T-top and Bill had it popped out in just a few minutes.

He also showed me how you could go about taking the door off, and how all of the electronics were inside the jeep in order to make taking the doors off easier.

Next thing I knew, we were off and cruising down the road with the wind blowing.

Jeep is Not Joking Around


I found the interior of the jeep to be both more comfortable and more rugged than I expected.

I was fascinated by how this vehicle is seriously built to take a beating and designed for off-road adventures. At the same time, it still has most every feature that you would expect to find in a modern sedan.

Personal notes: The sound system was solid and that 4-wheel drive would be awfully helpful in the winter!

Plenty of Jeeps to Pick From


I knew going into this test drive that Jeeps were built to look really tough. I’ve always liked that. What I didn’t know is that they are also built to actually back-up every expectation that tough look might create.

After parking this awesome Jeep out front, we walked past a few more Wranglers and Bill explained to me that they are made to be able to drive through multiple feet of water. How ridiculously cool is that? This thing rocks!

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