The proposed Shell cracker plant has been the talk of the town for over a year here in Beaver County, but after they confirmed that the project is a go this week, things got a lot more serious.

Just about everyone I have talked to has been discussing the impact this massive construction project might have on their business. And as someone who recently closed on a second rental property, I am definitely pulling for that increase in property values that everyone has been speculating about.

If that increase does happen, that would make right now the absolute perfect time to purchase a fixer upper. And as luck might have it, there are a few interesting options currently on the market in Center Township, just minutes from the new cracker plant.

227 Center Grange Rd – $139,000


Keep in mind that we are talking about fixer uppers here, so you are going to have to have a bit of an open mind.

The robin egg blue kitchen cabinets and the cat vomit colored carpet are definitely going to have to go here. But if you can look past those cosmetic issues, this might be the cheapest way to buy a house that boasts almost 2,000 square feet of space…not to mention that detached 2-car garage building around back.

You’d have your work cut out for you in getting this house up to date, but you would also have a finished project that offers tons of space in a killer location.

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132 Warrencliff Dr. – $149,900


My mother has been talking for years about downsizing into a nice little ranch house in Center Township. Well mom, here it is. Get to work.

While this would be downsizing for my mother, the basement space in this one makes it a whole lot bigger than any of the houses I own in Monaca. We could throw some pretty awesome family parties down there.

Once again, you are definitely going to be updating the kitchen and bathrooms, but the space is there to make this a fabulous retirement destination.

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105 Charity Dr. – $119,900


This is an  interesting house because the kitchen isn’t all that bad. Really, aside from some new carpet, this house doesn’t need all that much on the inside right away. Of course, the outside isn’t all that easy on the eyes, but that’s not something that is all that difficult to fix.

At $119,900, we’ve got a house that is more move-in ready than the previous houses that were listed for quite a bit more. That makes this a very interesting option for a rental property in Center Twp.

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223 Columbia Dr. – $130,000


I’ve always had a thing for houses in Chapel Valley, and this one is a fixer upper that is already about halfway done. It definitely has a unique look to it that isn’t for everyone, but if you take a second look through the pictures you will see that there is an awful lot to like about the house.

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