As much as I love to talk up communities like Monaca and Beaver, Center Township still seems to be the place that everyone wants to live in Beaver County. And while I think the prices sometimes reflect that a bit too much, there are still tons of great homes that sell in CT just about every month.

Right now, there are five homes on the market that I think stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you are looking for a place that doesn’t need any work and is big enough to raise a family, these are the ones you are goign to want to be looking at. Let’s check them out!

105 Rosewood Dr. – $375,000


This is the classic 4 bedroom house that everyone in Center Township is looking for, but it also has some great additions that really sweeten the pot. First and foremost, there is a POOL in the fenced-in back yard! I’m sold already. Then, add in the third garage and this place really gets interesting. I also love that it’s tucked way in the back of Eben Estates, so there are going to be kids around for your children to play with, but you won’t find yourself in the heart of the neighborhood action.

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106 Bridget St. – $310,000


I have to be VERY careful what I say about this one, because Mrs. YBC absolutely loves it. The thing is, I don’t disagree with her. It’s a great little 3 bedroom with beautiful floors and cabinets, vaulted ceilings, and a full basement bar and movie screen. Between that awesome basement and the private backyard, this is definitely a place that is set up for entertaining! Recently the home had a pond installed by the best Koi pond contractors, it is absolutely beautiful. And it’s located just off of Bunker Hill Road, so you are super close to the Center Exit on 376.

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105 Mount Laurel Ln. – $349,900


It’s only natural that we would follow up Mrs. YBC’s favorite house on this list with my favorite. I just love the look of this one from the outside, and I’m even more in love with all of the space that it has inside. That finished basement would be the perfect location for the YBC office! We’re also back in Eben Estates with this one, so there is going to be plenty of neighbors to hang out with in that massive back yard!

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108 Moffett Run Rd. – $329,000


Heading over to Walnut Grove, we have this great 4 bedroom house that has one of my absolute favorite features: an office with French doors! That’s enough to sell me, but the big deck off the back of the kitchen is another feature that could make for lots of fun when hosting friends and family. I’m also not sure that I have ever seen a master bedroom as large as this one!

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129 Rosewood Dr. – $278,500


If you want to raise a family in Center Township, Eben Estates really is the place to be these days, so we are back over their for the third time in five houses. And at $278,500, this might be the best deal we see in this neighborhood for a long, long time. Simplicity is the name of the game here, so if you are looking for a basic home with a huge yard in a popular neighborhood, this is the best value in town.

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