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“My husband and I had a trailer and did a lot of traveling. Lake Erie and Florida were some of our favorite places. I also did a lot of traveling in my 70’s. I went to London, Athens, Italy, and ate in the Eiffel tower in Paris. Been there done that!”

Do you have a Facebook?

“No! No, I do not, thank Heavens! I’m too old.”

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Marti is a professional photographer and owns her own business, Marti Aiken Photography. Born and raised in Daugherty Township, she is proud to call herself a New Brighton Lion. Spending time with family and friends, traveling both domestically and overseas, being in nature, and indulging in a good cup of coffee are a few of her favorite things. In July 2014, she married her Husband Scott in Beaver, PA. They met at Geneva College while working in Residence Life and attending graduate school. Scott and Marti currently reside in Harrisburg, PA, however, Marti makes monthly trips to the Beaver County area to keep up with her photography clients and to visit family. Telling and listening to someone’s story is very important to her, and ultimately, Marti’s mission is to glorify God through it all.