Got Far Wood

Sometimes, the best marketig ideas are so simple that they almost seem too obvious. Wayne Mateer is an expert at capitalizing on exactly those types of situations.

Ever seen that “Got Far Wood” sign along Route 30 down by Raccoon Creek State Park? That’s DJ’s Quick Stop, a full service convenience store, deli, tackle shop, and hunting and camping supply store. Wayne Mateer, who purchased the business in September of 2011 has taken some of the good ideas that were in place when he got there and really pushed the envelope of what a local convenience store can offer.

Getting into the Business

Before he purchased DJ’s Quick Stop, Wayne spent 26 years in the local restaurant business. Eventually, the time came for Wayne and his family to make a change, and with the support of his wife, Lisa, his sons Anthony and Christopher, and his daughter, Jessica, he began looking for another opportunity that would allow his whole family to be involved.

As he searched for his next business venture, Wayne began to consider purchasing a gas station. During that time, a local sales rep mentioned to him that there was a convenience store at 345 Route 30 that might be for sale. The rest, as they say, is history.

Got Fire Wood

Expanding the Fishing Selection

Because of its location right outside the entrance to Raccoon Creek State Park, DJ’s Quick Stop had always devoted a portion of its shelf space to fishing supplies. When Wayne noticed how well those fishing supplies were moving, he did what any smart entrepreneur would do: he doubled down and added more to his selection.

Over the past few years, Wayne has grown the small fishing supplies section of the store into a full-blown bait and tackle shop. He now sells just about everything you could possibly need for your next fishing trip, and rather than making a special trip, you can get what you need from DJ’s Quick Stop right on your way into the park!

DJ's Quick Stop

Hunting & Camping Supplies

After his initial success with bait and tackle products, Wayne began to wonder what other types of products might do well for him when fishing season began to die down. The obvious answer, as any Beaver Countian knows, was to move into hunting and camping supplies. Wayne’s location right next to a state park once again came into play.

As he began selling various hunting and camping supplies, Wayne also filed the paperwork to obtain his Federal Firearms License. Now, DJ’s Quick Stop is able to stock a great selection of rifles and handguns, as well as order just about anything else you could possibly imagine for their customers.

When it comes to shopping for firearms, local hunters aren’t exactly flush with options. DJ’s Quick Stop provides a much needed alternative to the big box stores that many sportsmen are forced to frequent. Wayne believes that a customer friendly, family-run business can offer a tremendous advantage in terms of customer service.

DJ's Quick Stop

Got Far Wood

In addition to fishing, hunting, and camping supplies, DJ’s Quick Stop is also a full service convenience store with all of the basics, as well as a deli and lottery machine. They also Got Far Wood.

Wayne told me that the first thing he did after buying the business was head out to tear down that old “far wood” sign. However, he quickly realized that this goofy sign was actually a brilliant marketing campaign. People are constantly stopping to take pictures with the sign, and in his first year, Wayne sold 370 “Got Far Wood” t-shirts.

When I asked if they actually sold fire wood, Wayne laughed and said no, but they do sell tons of “far wood.”