“I’m retired. I was a college professor and I’m retired. I’ve been able to keep myself very busy. I’m a lifelong learner. I do all kinds of things that involve learning on a daily basis. I live on YouTube. You know what I discovered on youtube? Travel videos. World travel videos. Go and look them up. Type in Paris, France and you get a bunch of videos. Type in Athens, Greece…get a bunch of videos. Yesterday I was in Istanbul and I was in Athens. And this morning I was in Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru. I’ve learned so much about the world.”

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Katherine Mansfield is not a morning person. Katherine Mansfield is a coffee addict. When she isn’t drinking coffee, working or daydreaming, she enjoys bike riding and marathoning TV shows like The X-Files and House of Cards. Katherine likes taking pictures and writing about other people, but she doesn’t particularly care for writing about herself, and she is running out of things to include in this author bio. You can find more of Mansfield’s photography and some of her sad attempts at poetry on her Instagram page.