This article is sponsored by our friends at Daman’s Strength Training! After reading about how dedicated their staff of coaches are, our very own Anastatia Beaverhausen volunteered to take part in their Fit Moms Contest to see what working out at Daman’s is really like. If you would like to learn more about how they can help you, don’t hesitate to contact them right away!

Week 1 Diary

Well, here we are folks. The Daman’s Strength Training Fit Mom Challenge is underway! It started bright and early on Saturday July 18th at the gym on Georgetown Lane in Beaver.

It’s a nice facility! It’s too bad I will have night terrors from it. Kidding, of course.

The Weigh-In

It started at 7:30 am with an empty stomach for the initial weigh-in. They used a fancy Tanita scale that gives you a print out of your vitals, including your Fat Percentage number. This is actually measured – how much of your body is fat.

Who needed coffee when you have that eye-opening number staring you in the face?! Whoa! From there, we individually walked into the ladies room with Coach Mary and had our ‘before’ pictures taken. That’s right, folks. We know how much fat we are made of and we have the pictures to prove it.

Techniques and Class Structure

From there, we reviewed kettlebell and sandbag techniques and the basic class structure. That took about an hour and was followed up by a sit down chat on goals and diet. The whole morning was really informational and it seemed like everyone left with a great attitude and a healthy level of excitement to get started!

When I got home, the Fit Moms secret Facebook group got rolling! Coach Mary, Coach Dena and Coach Rick all post great information here – everything from workouts to nutrition. It’s just another perk to the challenge and a nice one at that.

I have never been involved with fitness classes that have provided advice on anything except for what happens in the class. This is more of a lifestyle bootcamp. They really give you what you need to succeed over the 4 week challenge. It is good to know that we are in this as a team!

Any questions the Moms have are posted and the team at Daman’s are all quick to respond. Of course, immediately I questioned the validity of that fat percentage number. I mean, it’s probably wrong… right?!

The First Class

Moving on to the first class – Monday at 7 pm. We jogged and skipped and lunged and Frankenstein walked and twisted and touched our toes…and then the warm up was over and it was 7:03pm.

By this point, it was apparent that I should have brought more water and a towel. It ended around 7:50pm and we all strolled off the turf feeling proud, tired and really, really sweaty.

Based on my heart rate monitor, I burnt 485 calories in 50 minutes. Niiiiice!


The Second Class 

Second class, Tuesday at 7 pm. I was a little sore from Monday but surprisingly not as bad as I would have guessed!

Same drill as yesterday – it took about three minutes to be completely covered in sweat and panting. These coaches know what they are doing!

The sets of exercises we did the second day were completely different than what we did the day before.

That is another new one for me. In classes in the past, we have had set routines that we would follow. This really made the time go by fast! Today’s class had me walking out like.a.boss. Tough but manageable!

Rest Day

Wednesday, rest day. When I woke up Wednesday morning, it was my immediate concern that someone broke into my house and beat me up while I slept, because my entire body hurt.

After confirming with the Mister that there were no intruders, I took a couple Motrin, embraced the ache and loaded the kids up into the stroller to go for a walk. ‘Active recovery’ feels way better than ‘sit around and moan in pain’ recovery.

I also had a glass of wine. Because it’s really just like eating grapes! Fruit is good!

The Third Class

Thursday at 7 pm Fit Mom Only class. There were a lot of us in this class! How fun! We had another different set of exercises today, including a lot of squats. We even used a jump rope.

Remember when you were in third grade and on recess you’d jump rope? It was so fun, right? Well, that’s actually the complete opposite of what jumping rope is like as an adult. Just sayin… If you haven’t tried it for awhile, give it a whirl for 30 seconds and let me know what you think. I’ll wait for you to catch your breath.

Another Rest Day

Friday, rest day. This was really a rest day. All of those squats left me in a bad way when it came to walking up the stairs and sitting down. I did a lot of standing still and that was ok. Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Rest days are necessary.

All in all, this week was pretty tough. I would use the term ‘terrible’ here, but it really wasn’t. I mean… ok, it might have been. My shins were actually sweating at one point – that’s pretty terrible. But it was terrible in a good way. I feel so much stronger and have dropped a few pounds too! Baby weight, you are not welcome here anymore!!

Week two is just around the corner. Wish me luck.

Week 2 Diary

Well, this week started out with a fizzle instead of a bang. The Mister was traveling so any and all workouts had to be done with the toddler and the baby. That’s easy enough, right?


So, we did a lot of stroller walking and with the help of posts from Rick on our secret Facebook group, I was able to keep my stuff together with food. Those posts are like a nice morning reminder to step away from the cookies. If I can’t have someone next to me to smack the junk food out of my hand, these posts are the next best thing. We talked about protein and meal prep, among other things. All very helpful.

The First Class

The first class I was able to attend for the week was Tuesday at 7 pm. It was only a little hot outside, pushing the 91 degree mark.

We switched things up today and went outside! Field trip!! We swung kettlebells in the parking lot and we walked to the park across the street for 5 minutes of torture, er, HIIT. We had three things to do – Swing the kettlebell 5 times, sprint (like, really sprint) to the little orange cone the coaches placed probably 50 feet away or so, do 5 pushups, and then jog back to the kettle bell to start all over.

We were to do this as many times as we could in 5 minutes. Sounds easy? Yeah. But it wasn’t, at all.

The first sprint, I was smiling and loving it. By the third sprint, I was scowling at Coach Mary and wondering if anyone would notice if I just ran home. Alas.. I finished again with that feeling of pride!

We all walked back to the gym with our kettlebells in hand and did some ab work before wrapping it up for the evening. We did a move called ‘Dead bug.’ Ha! I had never heard of this one. Ironically, it was the day after Boo’s Bug Stoppers came to my house for a little spider SITUATION that I would rather not discuss in detail, for my nightmare’s sake.

From what I saw Boo get into under my deck, I figured the move was to scream ‘Dyyyyiinnnnnnggg!!!!!’ and curl up in a little ball, but it turns out that’s not quite the move they were referring to. It was a little tricky to get used to (one knee bent, one leg straight but lifted 6”, one arm straight up toward the ceiling and the other flat along the ear – tricky!!) but once Coach Mary showed me what was up, my abs immediately caught on fire and I may have let an expletive or two out under my breath. Pardon me!


The Second Class

The second class was Wednesday at 7 pm. Again with this stupid heat and humidity! Are you kidding me, my car said 105 degrees?! So much sweat, so much extra water.

We did a ton of sandbag stuff this day. Tossing it and lunging, push-ups and glute bridges (a fancy term for ‘butt lifts’). It was a tough class. It felt like I was the last to finish everything today – well, it felt like that because I actually was the last to finish everything. It never felt like I was holding people up though. Another thing I haven’t experienced before.

I have been to other classes that just keep moving right along when there is a straggler. It was nice to keep the group together.  I don’t remember much else. Probably had minor heat-induced dementia.

The Third Class

Third and final class of the week was Thursday at 7 pm. This is the Fit Moms only class. The entire time I was in class, I had one thing on my mind: a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, onion rings and muenster cheese.

Snatching the sandbag? Cheeseburger. Swinging the kettlebell? Cheeseburger. Stretching for cool down? CHEESEBURGER. Sigh.

When I got home, I was hangry about that cheeseburger. I kept it together and had my snack of Greek yogurt, a rice cake and water. So much water. Then I went to bed… and woke up to a post from Rick on our page regarding food.

He said “Will we let 2 days ruin our 5 days of dedication?” Exactly what I needed! That cheeseburger that I was drooling over all night long just is not worth it. Plans now for dinner do NOT include cheeseburgers, but instead include a healthy chicken breast, a side of quinoa and roasted sprouts. Eat well, feel well. That’s the new mantra!

Rest Day

Friday is a rest day, and I’m not going to lie, after 3 days in a row of classes and stroller walks, I need it!

All in all, another tough week. I read somewhere once that things don’t get easier, it’s just that you get better. I can see that happening! I went from using one 15 pound kettlebell to double-fisting 20 pounders, the warmup isn’t quite as exhausting, and overall my energy level is up. Oh, and my pre-pregnancy shorts button!

It sure isn’t a pretty sight and I won’t be wearing them anywhere quite yet but they button – and that’s exciting!! Couple more weeks and I should be back in my clothes for sure!

Week three, Let’s do this! *cue Rocky theme song*

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