Brady's Run Grille Fish Tacos

Since I have never been to the Brady’s Run Grille or written an article for Your Beaver County before (Hi Everyone!), I thought this was going to be a rough amateur hour for me. But due to the deliciousness that was the Brady’s Run Grille, writing my first piece was a breeze.

Brady’s Run Grille, located along Route 51 in New Brighton, is a diner-type restaurant on one side and on the other a full service bar, with both sides serving up the same great menu. You can still order alcohol on the restaurant side although it has a much more family-friendly atmosphere.

While they do serve breakfast, (word has it, it’s pretty good!) I was there for an early lunch, so we sat on the restaurant side. I did order a Bloody Mary though, and it came complete with bacon, olives, and a shrimp!

The Brady’s Run Grille Menu

Their hefty menu offers a variety of lunch time favorites. They have crisp salads, burgers, wraps, and an endless possibility of sandwich combinations. They also have unique weekly features, such as the Holiday Turkey Pretzel, consisting of turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and pumpkin pie spiced mayo on a pretzel bun, and the Combo Flip which is a pita shell stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, fried egg, tomato, and french fries, that are sure to catch your attention.

I dined with friends, so for appetizers, we got the Texas Toothpicks, which are deep fried jalapeño and onion strips served with ranch, and also Buffalo Chicken Dip, which was served with freshly made pita chips. Both starters were great, but the Buffalo Chicken Dip and pita chips were phenomenal.

The Buffalo Chicken Dip had the perfect ratio of hot sauce to dippage and the homemade pita chips were warm, and soft yet crunchy and were the perfect match to the Buffalo Chicken Dip. If I could have bought a bag of those pita chips right then and there, I would have.

Bradys Run Grille

For my entrée, I decided to try a new item on the menu and got the Bourbon Street Fish Tacos, and let it be known, They. Were. Awesome. It was like having my own personal assembly line of deliciousy goodness. Served on a platter were three soft tortillas, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, and of course, the Cajun grilled Tilapia. I stuffed the tortillas to my liking and had my own little Bourbon Street party.

Brady's Run Grille Fish Tacos

Also ordered was the Fallston Cheese Steak sandwich. Complete with shaved beef, grilled onions, melted American cheese, lettuce, and tomato stuffed in a fresh Breadworks Hoagie roll, it got raving reviews from its consumer as well.


Over at the Bar

On the bar side of the restaurant, you will find an extensive drink menu ranging from specialty beers to classic mixers, but what sets this place aside from any ordinary bar is their impressive bourbon and whiskey menu.

Named “The North American Whiskey Bar,” guests can order from a two page long menu of signature Manhattans, and a variety of bourbons, whiskeys, and brandies. While you sip, you can read about the different types of whiskeys sold at Brady’s Run Grille.

Need a Room?

Aside from the food and drink aspect of the Brady’s Run Grille, something that I thought was interesting is that this establishment is actually a guest house as well. The upstairs features six sleeping rooms in a quaint setting and they take reservations year round. Have any readers ever stayed here before??

Overall, I loved my experience at the Brady’s Run Grille. The staff was nice, the atmosphere was pleasant, and most importantly, the food was good. This is definitely an addition to my “let’s meet for dinner” list!

Maura is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. She graduated from Center High School in 2009, and now lives in Patterson. When she isn’t marketing new technology or writing for YBC, she enjoys spending time with her family, horseback riding, and hanging out with her super cute Cavapoo, Derby. You can follow her on Twitter @mauramendo.