Daman Strength Training-Progressive Fitness Program

Daman Strength Training has been pretty innovative the last few years. They’ve created programs that reach almost every demographic and age group. One of these new programs was so successful, they’re ready to launch a brand new class.

The Progressive Fitness Program

The Progressive Fitness Program accurately describes what the coaches at DST are trying to achieve, and that’s prepare athletes and non-athletes alike to become physically fit, with a sound mind and a sound body. This is for boys and girls, ages 11 through 15, who need a boost to their daily regiment while school is out for the summer.

DST wants athletes, kids who just like to workout, kids who get bullied, or kids that spend too much time playing video games in this program. It is an inclusive program that promises to impact everyone that signs up for it, not just for kids who like to play sports.

If your child is looking to build confidence, then this is ideal. If your child needs support from positive role models outside your home, this will work wonders. If your child needs a better outline of their nutrition plan, then sign him or her up.


Rick Daman’s Take

DST owner Rick Daman summed it up perfectly. “This program is designed to teach young athletes how to properly workout in a safe environment. The athletes start working with just body weight movements. By doing only body weight movements it allows us to slowly introduce them to using kettle bells and sandbags. The program has three phases that are designed to add a little more than what the last phase had. We believe that slowing down training and focusing on teaching it the right way is far more important than how much weight they can do.”


More Details

This program kicks off on August 8. Here is what the training schedule looks like. Students will have three different class times to pick from during the week for strength training: 5 pm, 6 pm, or 7 pm, Monday through Thursday. The Game Speed program will take place on either Thursday at 6 pm or Saturday at 10 am.

Strength Training: 5 pm, 6 pm, or 7 pm

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Game Speed: 6 pm or 10 am

  • Thursday 6 pm
  • Saturday 10 am

Age Range:

11- 15 years old (Girls and Boys)

Since this program has already taken place once, we gathered some testimonials to give you a better idea of what you can expect, and how this program has impacted those who have already completed it.


Abby Glumac

“Physically speaking, Abigail is so much stronger than before and she is proud of that.  She’s also more confident and proud of her growth and what she can now accomplish.  She knows that she has come so far, she wants to be faster, she wants to be stronger and lets everyone know.  And for all of these reasons, and more, I can say that yes, the program exceeded my expectations. It has been a wonderful start in helping my daughter find the drive to want to succeed and become a better athlete.” – Candace Glumac  

Jeremy Fennell

“The SPP program has exceeded my expectations. During the time my son has been in the program he has learned a variety of exercises. Each day has a different set of exercises that brings diversity to the program.  Coach Bryan is very supportive and encouraging. You can see his excitement as my son has progressed through the program. Bryan keeps him motivated to do his best and lets him have fun while doing it.  Since starting in the SPP program my son’s stamina has increased along with his speed and coordination. Over the last three months I have watched his athleticism grow as well as his confidence.  I would definitely recommend this program to other parents. The dedication and time the coaches put into training each kid in the program amazing!” – Paula Fennell 

Nyasanu Greene

“Daman’s SPP has met our expectations by teaching our son alternative movements and isometrics. He has always been big for his age and over the weight limit to play local kids football. At 12 years old, he’s too young to go to the gym and lift weights. He was discouraged about his size and muscle until he started Daman’s SPP. In 3 months he has become comfortable and gained confidence in himself as he continues to gain muscle mass. Our son used to struggle with not fitting in the box of a “normal” 12 year old. Now, we have a newly turned 5’9 205 lb, 13year old young man who welcomes his next challenge, physical or mental!! We not only recommend this program we are continuing our son in the program to further develop him, and to him get ready to hit the football field when you start high school!” – Sharyce Greene

The price for this program is $187 per month, and students are encouraged to attend DST three times per week. The Progressive Fitness Program begins August 8.

Ready to Join?

If you are interested in getting your child involved in the Progressive Fitness Program at DST, just fill out the form below and one of their awesome coaches will contact you to set everything up!

Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando