Merry Christmas 2014

Since today is Christmas, we wanted to publish something that gave a few Beaver County residents a chance to explain what Christmas means to them and how they were planning to celebrate today.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

It seems that with each passing year, as I get older, Christmas has become bittersweet. We celebrate and carry on family traditions which bring us joy and take us back to a place where life was much simpler.

With the loss over the years of parents, grandparents and siblings it has fallen to us to ensure those traditions live on. We not only honor memories of days gone by but also strive to create new memories and even new traditions our children and future generations can pass on and enjoy.

This Thursday we will celebrate by first donning our new homemade pjs and most likely antlers or Santa hats for our annual picture. Then it’s a relaxing day hanging out in our pjs, opening gifts followed by napping after a huge Christmas feast.

The best part of Christmas will be later that night. We will venture to a restaurant that’s open. We may only order coffee but will leave a $100 tip for the waitress. This tradition has become a way to pay it forward, being so thankful we don’t have to work Christmas Day but rather can spend it with the ones we love.

– Cindy Split, Split Personality

Christmas is my favorite time of year because I love spending time with my family. Cady and I come from a large family so Christmas is always filled with lots of food, love, and loud conversations.

On Christmas Eve we start out having a fish dinner at one house, then we go to our respective church services and meet back at my Nana’s to have another party. Games, ‘A Christmas Story’ on loop in the background, Nana’s homemade candy, and lots of drinking fill the night and at midnight we have a ham dinner.

On Christmas morning after we open presents at our own houses we go back to Nana’s to open presents together and have a fried ham and egg breakfast. Then one family member has a party at their house each night of the week until New Year’s Eve. There’s always one new game that becomes the favorite for the year, and it’s usually one that involves shouting random words at people. We’re not a quiet bunch.

I love the hustle and bustle, the family time, the food. It’s not a vacation by any means, but having that time spent with people you love is soul food. There’s no better way to end one year and begin another.

– Sarah Ugoletti, Dewdrop Gift Shop & Tea Room

My Christmas has been quite the same all my life with the same wonderful people adding a few new in-laws here and there over the years!  We pretty much eat the same food, play the same games and drink the same drinks!

There’s certain cookies that are a must, and there must be mom’s fudge!

There’s a breakfast casserole that I’ve tried to change and the family just won’t go for it, must be the same.  I guess they got that “tradition” thing from me!  Lol.

I still count gifts and add up costs. Everyone must be even!

But most of all I love having family and friends at my house!!  I’m fortunate enough to still have a mom, aunt and uncle all 88, 89 and 91 that still come for the holiday. How lucky are we!  My in-laws, long ago became part if this tradition too, as well as a couple cousins and of course my siblings and their families.

It’s a great day with lots of food, fun, friends and family!

Melissa Gulla, Re/Max

Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth.  Everything that happens reflects back to that identifiable moment when our Savior was born.

When my children were little there was a book I always read to them that explained Christmas in terms they could understand.  Christmas trees were evergreens which stood for “everlasting life”.  All the beautiful lights inside and outside showed Jesus as “the light of the world”. The many presents under the tree represented the gifts given by the 3 wise men.

For Christmas what will we be doing????  Well it all starts on Christmas Eve. You see many years ago Christmas was a sad time because the children had lost their father and I my husband.  I did not want to continue going to a large family gathering on Christmas Eve as I wanted to spend time just with my children. We started our own tradition by going to church and after we would come home, get in our PJ’s and eat snacks.  We then would put out Santa’s milk and cookies.

This year with the children now adults we continue the same tradition only the snacks have become much more elaborate and well, there are no cookies set out for Santa. I asked my daughter do you still want to do Christmas Eve here and she said  “Are you crazy? Why wouldn’t I?  That is my favorite part of Christmas.” I asked my son and he said ” I would presume so what else would we do?”   I guess it is a tradition set in stone and I am so glad they feel the way they do.

Christmas day is always busy with many gifts being opened under the tree and lots of giggles and laughter. The Christmas dinner is usually yummy but the best part is the dessert.  COOKIES.  We love Christmas cookies.  After dinner usually is time to relax or play a game.  Someone always gets mom a board game as this is my favorite thing to do around the holidays.

When it is time to go everyone leaves but as they go, they take time to look at all the lights outside the house blinking and twinkling which took their stepfather hours to put up.(keeping in mind that their mother did not buy him the telescoping ladder he wanted for Christmas to help him put the lights up next year!)

Well Christmas is now over for another year.  My husband turns off the twinkling outside lights……..”Jesus is the light of the world”  We look under the tree at our opened gifts………”The gifts from the wise men”  We finally turn off the lights on our evergreen tree…… “Everlasting life”  Christmas is over for another year but we know a Savior was born long ago and walks along with us every day!

– Nancy Morris, My Mother
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