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This place is a Beaver staple every kid and parent knows by name! Castle Toys and Games has been delighting us since 2005. Due to founder Linda Lyden’s continued success, she along with her husband Jeff, have opened a second store in Wexford, PA. They love involving the community by having events such as toyfest, family game nights, and meet the author spotlights.

Their pure love of toys and games is immediately passed to their customers. They feature bestselling items on their website to help you spark ideas, and offer “personalized attention” shopping to help you find the perfect gift. Let’s not forget that they have cards for your occasion AND they do gift wrapping in-house. A true one-stop shop!

Castle Toys and Games

When it comes down to it, they are the most ideal small business. They are community centered, extremely in tune to their customers, and are proud of their customer loyalty. In fact, they promote playtime in the store. They offer such unique items that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Castle Toys and Games has modern items to appease today’s trends, but also has every classic game you grew up playing. Wooden Train set? They have it! See-n-Says? Yep! Classic Board Games? You betcha! Overall, when you ask people in Beaver County their opinions on Castle Toys and Games, you hear one word aside from their always friendly staff: QUALITY.

Castle Beaver

An Added Bonus:

They have a Royalty Club. The FREE membership is open to customers who want to get perks, announcements and be rewarded each year. Unlike most loyalty programs, the perks and benefits here are truly an incentive to their most loyal patrons. They have three levels in the club: The Queens Court, The Kings Council, and the Royal Family. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Level One: The Queen’s Court – Upon signing up, you are immediately entered into the Queen’s Court. At this level, you get exclusive invites including: mailing, customer appreciation days, and special offers. They also have a special selection of $6 items available exclusively to Royalty Club members. When you make 6 purchases in the store you get extra benefits of being in the Queen’s Court. Every future purchase made you will receive 10% back, and also gain access to the Royal Birthday Vault for any child under the age of 10.
  • Level Two: The King’s Council – To qualify for the King’s Council, you need to complete 12 purchases. This level also includes all of the benefits in the Queen’s Court and comes with a personalized gift. A Council member will also be invited to “playtimes” when new toys arrive and VIP access to other special events. King’s Council members also have the benefits of having preview privileges when it comes to their big sales or events.
  • Level Three: The Royal Family – When you enter the Royal Family you are in an exclusive best of the best membership for a Castle Toys and Games consumer. In fact, you become much more than that. First, you receive an additional, upgraded personalized gift. You are invited to round table events and also to their annual customer bash. Last, they offer Royal Family only events throughout the year. A true reward fit for a member of the Royal Family!

Castle Games Beaver

Did you know?

  • They have layaway options nearing the holidays. Once again showing their appreciation for their customers and honing in on their true passion of giving the perfect toy or game to a child.
  • In addition to their many annual events, Castle toys and Games has receipt auction days where you receive “bucks” based on the receipt purchase amount, and also “Deals of the Day” around holiday time.
  • They publish their own catalog sent directly to your door! Some refer to this as their “Christmas and Birthday time magazine”.

Let us know what you think! Did you receive a Castle Games and Toys gift from someone? What was your positive experience? What was the best thing you’ve ever received? Do you often go and play in their store? Tell us in the comments below!

Castle Toys Beaver

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