One of the very first causes that I ever wrote about here at YBC was an idea I heard about called “Thanksgiving in a Box.” Basically, the idea was that a local woman named Marissa set out to provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner (in a box) to as many less-fortunate families in our area as she possibly good.

You can read what I thought about the idea here, but two years later my opinion really hasn’t changed.

To sum it up for you: I love the concept of providing something so tangible directly to the people who need it. Especially when that something hits as close to home as Thanksgiving dinner does.

Marissa is back at it this year with the lofty goal of raising enough money to put together 50 boxes. At an estimated cost of about $100 per box, she is going to need about $5,000 to pull this off. And that means that we are going to have to chip in to help her get there.

So in what could not be a more YBC-appropriate story, we have a local woman who is looking to make the holidays a little bit brighter for 50 local families. And she’s giving us the opportunity to do the same, except that we don’t have to mess around with actually doing any of the work…she’s got that covered.

I have a hard time finding any reason not to support that…which is why I’m happy to pick up the tab for two of those boxes again this year. So now there’s just 48 to go….you’re up, Beaver County

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