Hiya. I haven’t been writing for awhile. Why? Because I’m busy. But everyone is busy, so I am certainly not a rare, delicate flower. Anyway.

Here is what I challenged myself with – ONLY shopping local for anything and everything my family needed. I am guilty of Priming a lot. Free two day shipping is a gift from the Heavens when you have young kids but you know what else is a gift from the Heavens?? A thriving town stuffed with small businesses! Along with all of you, we want to keep the small town momentum growing!

(Disclaimer! I live in Beaver and work in Beaver, so that’s why these are all Beaver businesses!! All towns have awesome family run shops that we are exploring one at a time! I just never leave town, unless it’s with my kids.. and if I have my kids, I can’t focus on anything except what they are planning on destroying.)



This little cutie has been open for two years now and has become my staple go-to for anything gift, even gifts I give to myself for being awesome.


They have things for anyone. La Creuset, Kate Spade, Seraphina candies, Butter makeup, Barefoot Dreams, too many more to mention.


All tucked into a well-manicured package. The owner, although terribly busy, is always available for questions and to offer his assistance.  I was able to secure a pretty awesome pair of running pants, a La Creuset measuring cup and spoon set,  and a sympathy card all in one strike. Boom.

Miller’s Shoes


My next purchase had me on the search for a solid pair of shoes. I’m not talking running shoes, or dress shoes. I’m talking about shoes that I can stand on all day and work in without feeling like I am 95 years old by the end of the day. But in Beaver? Yes, right in Beaver! Miller’s main location is on Kennedy Boulevard in Aliquippa, however they have a secondary location right in the heart of Beav.


While they focus on comfort, style is definitely not sacrificed. With brands you know and already love like Ugg, SAS and New Balance and a few that you might not know, like Dansko, Ecco, or Haflinger, you’ll find what you need.


I sure did, and quite honestly, I may have found a little too much.. if ya know what I mean. wink wink nudge nudge don’t tell the Mister.

file-2 (1)
Soap Alchemy
file-1 (3)

New soap! Soap Alchemy is the best for hand crafted soap and other goodies. Candles, lotions, potions and more. Once you open the door, you are hit with the most amazing scents.

file-1 (4)

I picked up some natural sugar scrubs for my summer soft skin, a Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask for my summer soft face, and a few bars of soap for the family. Hey, don’t say I never get you anything! Lather up, kiddos! But really. Amazing, amazing place.  Do check this out!


Gold Bug

Gold Bug

This was a gift stop, as my dad is a coin collector and he specifically requested something from this store. I had honestly never been inside. I never really had a need, as I do NOT collect coins. Pretty much all I collect are piles of laundry and random thoughts, but that’s for another post. Anyway, Gene Snyder the owner really knows his stuff. He had cases of what I could tell where reaaaally old coins.

Gold Bug-45 EDIT 1 (1)

But the coins and rare money are only the beginning of what he does.  Not only does he buy coins, but he also buys gold, silver and platinum of pretty much any variety – flatware, jewelry, whatever really. And then there’s the bullion. If you have concerns about where the financial future is going to take us all, bullion is a pretty solid investment.

Gold Bug-26

I’m off now to clear out some junk from my jewelry box that I never wear so that I can do more local shopping!!!

Fisher’s Hardware


This place…. I just love it. The owners know where every single solitary nut, bolt, screw, nail, bit and bauble are located, how to use said baubles and any additional bits that are needed to make the bauble work. Did that even make sense? I don’t know. All I’m saying is.. they know their stuff.  They have cast iron cook wear and kitchen gadgets like the rose gold cultery set, tools for the yard and garden, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, pipes, key cutting, screen and glass replacement… I couldn’t list everything, you’d be here all day. Just a ton.

file-1 (1)

You’d never guess how much by looking at the store front. On this particular visit I was able to grab some Diatomaceous Earth. Or as I referred to it when I went in there asking to purchase it… ‘Something to help kill ticks in the yard that won’t kill animals or children’.  That is what they gave me. Tick free in 2017 for the Beaverhausen’s!!

file-1 (2)

So there you have it. Part one in a multiple part article series on “Where you should be buying your stuff.” Don’t Prime without strolling first!