“Back in the 15-1600s they developed water lenses as a light source. The light comes through the water, it has to be a perfect sphere, it focuses a beam of light on your work. So that when it’s dim outside, or even dark, you can see really well to work. It’s just amazing how well you can see. It’s a very soft light, not glaring, and it never ceases to amaze me. Now you need to come and see it.”

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Amanda Bradley
Amanda is a stay at home mom currently living in Vanport Twp. She moved to the area in 2007 from Grand Rapids, MI with her husband. She has always loved photography and has started looking at it in a more serious way over the last few years. She’s done some work for the Beaver County Times, a few portraits and weddings for friends, and is currently looking into starting my own real estate photography business. Outside of photography, she is a Girl Scouts troop leader and an active member of the College Square Elementary PTA.