I remember how excited I got as a kid when Sunday morning rolled around and it was time for breakfast. While we didn’t have a waffle iron and had to rely on a toaster oven and waffles of the boxed variety, it didn’t matter. Even these were enough to start my love of the waffle.

A waffle in its simplest form is leavened batter or dough that’s cooked between two plates. These plates are what give the waffle it’s unique shape and surface impression, which is why most waffles carry the ubiquitous grid pattern. Beyond this basic definition, waffles are offered with a pretty wide assortment of topping and in a variety of preparations. As they say, it’s all in the details.

This is the exact reason why Waffles, INCaffeinated in Beaver is so great. They’ve managed to take the beloved yet basic waffle and make it into something that is anything but typical or traditional. With toppings and ingredients like bananas, chocolate chips, berry sauce, and even peanut butter chiffon these are about as far from boxed waffles as you can get. There’s even more to the menu than just waffles, even though they are definitely the focal point. With something to please just about everyone, Waffles, INCaffeinated is possibly the best breakfast going and here’s why.

The Coffee

waffles incaffeinated coffee

Before getting into the food, the coffee at Waffles, INCaffeinated is worthy of it’s own section. The coffee is a unique blend especially for Waffles, INCaffeinated that’s roasted and supplied by Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company.

The coffee is served in a bottomless cup and is possibly my favorite coffee I’ve found. Not much more to say about it other than it’s great and you need to have a cup, or six.

The Menu


The menu at Waffles, INCaffeinated is split into three major categories with a DIY section that’s separate. First and foremost, you have the Specialty Waffles section. If it’s your first time here, this is definitely where you want to start. This section starts off with the Megaberry, which starts with their golden waffle and only gets better from there. This waffle gets raspberries and blueberries inside if and berries, vanilla bean syrup, berry sauce, and whip cream on the top. It’s definitely delicious and most certainly sweet. Next is the Funky Monkey.

waffles incaffeinated funky monkey

This is my personal favorite, mostly because it comes with chocolate chips inside and bananas, peanut butter chiffon, and homemade fudge sauce on top, with a piece of Hershey’s Bar topping it off. There’s also the Fosters waffle that features walnuts inside and out as well as bananas and ice cream on top. Desert or breakfast, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

If you prefer savory over sweet, then they definitely have a waffle for you, too. How does a Sausage Gravy waffle sound? Gravy not your thing, then check out the traditional Chicken and Waffles, which is an updated take on the southern classic with a pecan-infused waffle with fried chicken, maple butter glaze, and scallions.

If you’re more of a traditionalist the Breakfast Magic is right up your alley. Bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, and a fried egg on top make this an all-in-one treat that’s nearly perfect. The Souther’Waffle is spicy with chorizo sausage, fresh jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and topped with pico de gallo and a fried egg. Finally, there’s the Benny. Think eggs Benedict and you’ll have an idea what’s in store for you with this guy, except add in crab meat to make it even better!

This seems like enough to keep me coming back weekly, but as I mentioned above, there are still two more sections to the menu. Next up is the O-My-Lettes section that has, you guessed it, a selection of omelets that are out of this world. Each of the omelets are made with three eggs and served with a roasted tomato and your choice of a small salad, home fries, or toast.

For the meat eaters reading this, you’ll love the Carnivore, which includes bacon, sausage, ham, chicken and cheddar cheese. If you really love eggs, this one even comes with a fried egg on top! Next, the Mushroom Chevre is nice and simple with fresh goat cheese with tender wild mushrooms. Trust me, there’s a lot more to this one than it seems, it’s amazing. The Southwest omelet is stuffed with chorizo as well as sweet and hot peppers and of course is topped with pico de gallo. The Caprese Crab is treated to tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, crab, and a healthy dose of black pepper.

Finally, there’s the Breakfast Agenda section. This part of the menu is somewhat of a hodgepodge, with breakfast sandwiches as well as French toast that’s simply amazing, breakfast tacos that have sausage, cheese, jalapeno peppers, and hand-picked cilantro, and best of all, this section is home to the crepes. Waffles, INCaffeinated offers their waffle crepes in two styles, the Orange-tella and the Straw-nana. Both feature fresh fruit and are stuffed with some pretty amazing toppings including Nutella, marshmallow fluff, and even cheesecake spread.

INSIDER TIP: Want to beat the line and get seated quicker than the other poor schmucks waiting in line? Use the NoWait app to put your name in before you leave and you’ll get your waffles even quicker.

Make Your Own

Some people don’t like to live by the rules, and would rather make something themselves than take what the man has to offer them. While the brains behind Waffles, INCaffeinated are possibly the best I’ve ever seen at making delicious food, I understand the need to make your own, and thankfully they do too.

If you want to build a waffle, you start with their signature sourdough waffle and go from there. You get a list of items that you can both have mixed in the batter of the waffle as well as top it. These include sweets like apples, blueberries, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips as well as savory like sausage, crab, and turkey. Want coconut and espresso dust in your waffle? Done. How about an almond, provolone, raspberry waffle? You got it. It’s all up to you and you can do some amazing things.

There are other items that you can only top the waffles with, like Nutella, Foster’s sauce, blood orange sauce, ice cream, and even savory smoked salmon.

So what if you want to make your own omelet? Any of these toppings are available for you to make a custom three-egg omelet with, too. While a smoked salmon and baby spinach omelet sounds great, I’m not so sure about the Oreo crumble and vanilla ice cream combo, but that’s the best part, I don’t have to like it, only you do!

waffles incaffeinated berry waffle


Each month or so Waffles, INCaffeinated features an extra special waffle. In the past these have aligned to the seasons perfectly with offerings like the Turkey Lurkey which was obviously started around Thanksgiving. You can find out the monthly special by checking their Facebook page for updates.

Starting on January 10th, the special is “Underneath the Mango Tree,” which has coconut, almonds, mango, pineapple, and strawberries. Not enough for you? They also add waffle yogurt from Sincerely Yogurt across the street and a mango reduction sauce. Just wow.

Wrap Up

Waffles are definitely not new, and they seem to exist on every breakfast menu you’ll find. What makes the waffles here different and amazing is the time and effort that goes into making both the recipes and the food itself. I challenge you to find waffles with better presentation than the ones at Waffles, INCaffeinated. Great food and a dedication to quality that’s hard to find make Waffles, INCaffeinated my favorite breakfast stop by far.

Address: 453 Third Street Beaver, PA 15009


  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 2 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM – 3 PM