This is a guest contribution from Christine Smith. We messed up the dates and are posting this a day late, but it is still a powerful story that we think everyone should hear about an amazing gift and a great cause to support.

My name is Christine Smith. A little over three and a half years ago I was going on my sixth year of dialysis after being born with kidney disease.

It was November of 2012 when a complete stranger named Itty Beck stepped up to give me the gift of life. We had never met although we had many friends in common. I was from Beaver Falls and she from New Brighton.

Itty found out about me through a mutual friend. Her brother, Justin Beck, had had a kidney and pancreas transplant so Itty had decided she also wanted to donate her kidney to save someone’s life. But when she was tested, we didn’t match.

Then, Itty was contacted by UPMC to let her know at that there was another option. She could give someone else her kidney and I would get one from another donor. She informed me that she was ready to do anything to get me a kidney, and I received my kidney in January.

I love Itty so much! She stepped up and saved my life. I hope donors understand how amazing they are.

Itty started #TEAMSHAREYOURSPARE and we hold different events throughout the year. On Saturday May 21st we will be having our spring time event, Bowling For Spares.

It’s just one event this year to bring awareness to kidney disease and organ donation. So please come support #TEAMSHAREYOURSPARE and the National Kidney Foundation this Saturday May 21st at Sims Lanes in Beaver Falls. Hope to see you there!