A little more than a month ago, Boutique No. 443 opened its doors at 443 3rd St. in Beaver, so I stopped in to chat with owners and sisters Diane and Nancy to find out more about this new addition to Beaver County.

Boutique No. 443 is an upscale women’s clothing and accessories store, also featuring home décor. The sisters were tired of travelling to different malls, only to see the same things over and over again, and they were fed up with having to leave the county to experience boutique shopping. It was easy to recognize the opportunity in Beaver to offer something that was missing.

The boutique is instantly recognized as a modern, contemporary space that invites the shopper to dwell over everything available. Diane describes their clothing as unique and trendy, while still being affordable. Both sisters agree that being unique and trendy, maybe a little edgy, doesn’t exclude clothing from being comfortable. Comfort and style definitely go hand and hand with the clothes on offer at the boutique. Also a goal of the owners – a focus on made-in-the-USA products and featuring local designers. Right now, stop in and grab a Kiya Tomlin signature dress and Renegade shirt. Seriously, right now!


I was curious as to why Diane and Nancy think people might prefer boutique shopping over the big box stores. As Nancy explained, shoppers will find options they just won’t find anywhere else. Anyone tired of seeing the same clothes everywhere they shop will find it refreshing and rewarding to finally have choices that better reflect their style. And perhaps more importantly, the customer service in smaller boutiques is unbeatable. The owners of Boutique No. 443 know how important the personal aspect of shopping can be – they want their customers to feel comfortable and confident in their selections, and they are there to make sure that happens.

Even though they’ve only been open one month, Diane and Nancy said that not only has the county taken notice, but they’re seeing out-of-towners come in to shop quite frequently. They are thrilled to be a shopping destination and hope that trend continues to grow for the Main Street of Beaver.

So, YBC readers, I cannot recommend stopping into Boutique No. 443 enough. These ladies were so lovely to spend time with – swing by, have a chat, browse, buy. You won’t regret it.

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Abby Baker
Abby is a life-long resident of Beaver, so she is thrilled to be a part of this project. She loves this little town of ours! She lives in Bridgewater with her husband, Matt, and their favorite topics of conversation, their dog, Mabel, and their black cats, Ozzie & Gus. When she’s not busy hunting down stories to entertain you guys, she can be found with her nose in a book…or eating ice cream…or both. Usually both.