Have you ever wished your morning coffee packed more of a punch? Look no further than Blue Canary Coffeehouse in Ambridge!

Nitro Coffee On Tap

Blue Canary is the first shop in Beaver County to offer nitro coffee on tap. This coffee is cold pressed, infused with nitrogen and poured from a tap. The thin layer of foam makes nitro look like a beer but it tastes like a rich and refreshing cup of coffee. It’s a must try!

Nitro is just one of the many amazing beverages brewing at Blue Canary. Owner Rena Rabold Antosz has always been fascinated by beverages and enjoys experimenting with new flavors and combinations.

She recently whipped up a hibiscus flavored syrup inspired by a trip to Hawaii with her in-laws. All of the syrups are homemade using real ingredients and pure extracts. Flavors include caramel, blueberry, orange, vanilla, cherry, peanut butter cup and chamomile. Yep, chamomile!

I must admit that I was skeptical but I was blown away by the homemade chamomile soda. I expected it to be flowery and overpowering but was delighted by its light and airy taste.

Lots of Great Options

Blue Canary1

Blue Canary features a full espresso bar, a variety of loose-leaf tea, and regular coffee that is roasted in the Pittsburgh area. You can even pick up muffins, biscotti, gluten-free treats and Mac’s donuts to accompany your beverage. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, stop in for a milkshake, smoothie or some ice cream.

In between customers, Rena happily schooled me on the differences between a latte, a macchiato and a cappuccino. I love coffee but am not overly adventurous when it comes to ordering. I sought Rena’s advice and ended up with a delicious iced blueberry latte that I am still dreaming about. It even came with coffee ice cubes to prevent the dreaded watery coffee experience.

Attention to the Details

Rena’s attention to detail extends beyond ice cubes. She knows what her regular customers order and remembers how they like it prepared. During our conversation, she recognized the car of a regular customer and began preparing a beverage before the woman even set foot in the shop.

After working at a coffee shop in Butler for eight years, Rena loves coming to work every day at a shop that is her own. Her longtime coffeehouse dream became a reality not long after she moved to Baden. She and her husband, Stephen, stumbled across the Duss Avenue storefront while riding bikes around their new neighborhood.

Rena’s favorite part of the business is the opportunity to connect with people and to see people unite with one another. So, it’s not surprising that Blue Canary has become both a gallery and a gathering place for the community.

Eclectic local artwork adorns the walls and an entire wall is dedicated to housing handmade local crafts ranging from jewelry to candles. The shop also hosts movie nights, craft and sewing sessions and a computer club.

It’s clear the community has embraced Blue Canary, too. An assorted collection of blue bird décor – all gifts received from customers– is sprinkled throughout the shop. The knick-knacks complement the blue walls and Rena’s own distinctive blue curls.

Alison is a nonprofit communicator, grad student, and lifelong Beaver Countian. She enjoys kayaking, baking, and exploring new places. She dabbles in gardening and DIY projects. Alison resides in Center Township with her husband and two mischievous miniature schnauzers. She’s trying to be the kind of person her dogs think she is. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.