blackhawk golf course

Like many areas around the country, golf is an extremely popular activity for many Beaver County residents. One of the most popular courses, particularly for those who play often, is Blackhawk Golf Course. In addition to being well maintained and reasonably priced, Blackhawk is also the only golf course in Beaver County that contains four different nine-hole courses.

The Courses

Each of the courses at Blackhawk Golf Course are considered to be moderately difficult. They aren’t overly intimidating to novice players, but still offer a significant challenge for more seasoned golfers.

One of the reasons for this is that none of the holes are exceptionally long. You do not need to hit monster tee shots in order to play well here, but each of the courses will demand that those tee shots be accurate.

Blackhawk Golf Course is also known for having greens that are a little bit smaller than the average course. These smaller greens make an accurate short game an  absolute requirement to play successfully here.

The longest hole on the course is the par 5 that leads off the 4th nine at 605 yards from the back tees. On the short side, the par 3 second hole on the first nine is only 155 yards from the back tees.

The Facilities

As far as neighborhood golf courses are concerned, the facilities at Blackhawk Golf Course are hard to beat. There is a pro shop that contains anything you might need in a pinch, as well as a few things you might feel the sudden need to splurge on.

The pro shop also contains a repair shop that can handle a wide range of basic club repairs like re-shafts, re-grooves, and loft/lie adjustments. They even have a golf club trade-in program!

If you are looking to relax or grab a bite to eat after your round, Hawk’s Nest Taverne has some great sandwiches and plenty of cold beverages.

Events & Leagues

Because it boasts more holes than any other course in Beaver County, Blackhawk Golf Course is a popular location for many local golf outings and regular leagues. The ability to rotate through each of the courses keeps regular league play exciting, and the ability to play 36 holes simultaneously makes larger golf outings feel a lot more comfortable.

Blackhawk Golf Course is the perfect home base for the golfer who is looking to hit the links as often as possible. There are plenty of challenging aspects to each of the courses, the facilities are impressive, the prices are more than reasonable, and there is almost always a league or outing to participate in.

If you are an avid golfer relocating to Beaver County, this should be the first course you visit because you will almost certainly become a regular here!

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