Last week, I asked our Facebook community to recommend a list of the houses with the best Halloween decorations in Beaver County. Then I hit the road and went out to see each of the top five houses for myself.

Here are the top five halloween decorations in Beaver County:

1. Indiana Ave, Monaca

This was by far the most nominated house, and while I was taking pictures I had the opportunity to talk to the woman behind the decorations. Vicky Bardell told me that they have been adding more and more decorations to their home every year for a long time. They see it as a direct competition between their house and a certain house in Patterson Township, and they aren’t planning on giving up the title of Best Halloween Decorations in Beaver County anytime soon.

The number of decorations littered throughout the yard is really unbelievable. There are all different types of dead things, inflatables, and even a real wooden coffin. Even more spooky is the fact that quite a few of the creepy figures in Vicky’s yard will move and talk when they detect motion nearby.

Indiana Ave Monaca vicky bardell beaver county halloween

2. 16th St and 20th Ave, Patterson Township

At number two on the list of Best Halloween Decorations in Beaver County we have the incredibly creepy house located on the corner of 16th Street and 20th Avenue in Patterson Township. What I really liked about this house is that there aren’t any cartoonish decorations. Everything in, on, and around the house is something that could legitimately scare the you-know-what out of someone!

halloween in patterson township Patterson Township Halloween Patterson Township

3. Dutch Ridge Road, Brighton Township

This is one of those houses that you can’t help but slow down as you drive past, but unlike the first two, this one is located on a pretty major road! I pulled into a nearby driveway in order to get out and take a closer look. There is no denying the amount of effort that was put into decorating this home, and if not for the impressive work from the first two homes, this would surely be the winner.

Dutch Ridge Road Halloween Brighton Township Brighton Township Halloween

4. Behind the Funeral Home, Chippewa

This is a classic example of “less is more.” I didn’t even catch this home the first time I drove by the funeral home on Darlington Road just past the Chippewa Hot Dog Shoppe. Then on the way back I noticed that creepy coffin sitting in the front yard. The combination of the home’s location right behind a funeral home and the use of a legitimate coffin make this an incredibly frightening home to visit. I wouldn’t want to trick-or-treat here!

Halloween in Chippewa

5. Knobvue Estates, New Sewickley

I think that this home in Knobvue Estates got a bad deal because I was shooting these pictures at night and the decorations were not well lit with our solar Tiki torches for summer. However, had I stopped by in the day time, things might have been different. The skeletons sitting at the table are a really fun touch.

Knobvue Estates Halloween

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