This is one where I have to be honest. For some reason, Z-Pub has just never been on my regular list of places to grab a bite to eat. I’m not sure I had ever been there before Corey started talking about the best burgers in Beaver County and it came up.

On my first trip here, I was focused exclusively on trying one of their fantastic burgers, but I couldn’t help but be impressed by their fresh-cut shoestring French fries. So when their name kept popping up on entries for the best French fries in Beaver County, I certainly wasn’t surprised.

The Fries at Z-Pub

Located off to the side of a shopping center in Chippewa (back by Ponderosa), Z-Pub serves a shoestring fry that is clearly fresh-cut. As far as naked fries go, these are fantastic. They come out perfectly salted with just enough crispyness to keep you interested.

But one area where Z-Pub really sets itself apart from their competitors is their fantastic selection of toppings. They don’t have the longest list of options, but everything on the list is first-class all the way.

On my most recent trip, I got my fries topped with beer cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and gyro meat. That’s right…gyro meat. Fantastic. There is also chili and gravy if you are so inclined.

The Rest of the Menu


In addition to spectacular fries, Z-Pub also has tons of other great options on their menu. They are known for their burgers and salads, but the gyro is definitely a sleeper as they use the real deal gyro meat off the spit.

There is also a great selection of craft beer available, as well as a massive six-pack shop where you can mix and match any combination of beer you like. I was just there for a quick lunch in between jobs, but I definitely spotted a few beers on my favorites list.

The Best French Fries in Beaver County

So let’s review our list to this point:

  1. Z-Pub & Diner
  2. Hollywood Gardens
  3. Bert’s Wooden Indian

Honorable Mentions: Heirloom Restaurant, Tinitique, Harold’s Inn, Philly Originals, Hank’s

Stay tuned for next week when I will announce the #7 Best French Fries in Beaver County.

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