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Maple Restaurant in Ambridge is known for having the best hot beef sandwich in Beaver County. So if you are the type of person who enjoys their fries soaked in creamy beef gravy, then this was probably your pick for the best French fries in Beaver County.

As someone who can definitely appreciate the impact that gravy can have on a French fry, I was not the least bit suprised to see Maple Restaurant get so much love here.

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The Maple Restaurant Experience

If I didn’t know better, I’d probably drive right past Maple’s without ever thinking twice about it. There isn’t a whole lot of parking there, the signage isn’t overwhelming, and the outside of the building pretty much blends in with the rest of the businesses in Ambridge.

Even as you make your way inside, there is still nothing that screams “HEY, THE GRAVY HERE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!”

But there should be. Because it is.

Whatever the experts here are doing to get their gravy to that perfect level of rich, cream deliciousness is absolutely perfect…and it’s consistent too! The gravy here is always on point and always tastes fantastic.

With or Without Gravy

When you order a hot beef sandwich at Maple’s, you have the option of getting your fries with or without gravy. I’m a “gravy on everything” kind of guy, but I can also understand people who would prefer their gravy on the side so that they can dip the fries.

In addition to the gravy being fantastic, the fries here are also cooked to crispy perfection, so that they can soak up plenty of gravy and still have a bit of crisp left in the tank.

The Best French Fries in Beaver County

So let’s review our list to this point:

  1. Maple Restaurant
  2. Z-Pub & Diner
  3. Hollywood Gardens
  4. Bert’s Wooden Indian

Honorable Mentions: Heirloom Restaurant, Tinitique, Harold’s Inn, Philly Originals, Hank’s

Stay tuned for next week when I will announce the #6 Best French Fries in Beaver County.

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