BeauCo Bistro is one of the Beaverhausen’s most frequented spots, so it would only make sense for me to write about their dreamy sweet potato fries.  I have already written a little about the fries in the BeauCo article I wrote back in June, but since my vote went to them for best fries, I was all too happy to volunteer for this article.

BeauCo is nestled right in the heart of downtown Beaver, caddy-corner to Starbucks. The main seating for the restaurant is on Third Street, but the takeout and outdoor eating area is located around the corner on College Avenue. The outdoor eating area is tree lined and shady, with a nice breeze and a lot of available people watching. A perfect spot to BYOB and enjoy some of the County’s best sweet potato fries!

Ok, technically they are #6 ‘Best Fries in the County’, based on the YBC’s scientific method of polling. Regardless of number, they are pretty incredible.

Fresh Cut Sweet Potatoes


These fries!! They are handmade in the BeauCo kitchen (along with most of their delicious menu). They start with the simple yam and are able to morph it into little pieces of crunchy sweet culinary delight. You won’t find anything like these fries anywhere else in Beaver County.

Ok, that sounds like I am exaggerating, but seriously, they are positively that good.

First off, they are cooked perfectly. Andy spoke about consistency a few times and I have to agree. It’s such a great feeling to find an awesome go-to dish somewhere, but if you order the same dish again and it comes out differently, it’s a deal breaker. These fries have always been consistent, both in size and doneness.

Apple Butter

Next, know that they come to your table lightly dusted with sugar and cinnamon and served with a side of their homemade apple butter. I SAID APPLE BUTTER.  A little cup of spiced sweetness, yum! Another great dunk is into a little bbq sauce. Sweet, spicy, tangy.. A party for your mouth!

Or you could always go the Mister Beaverhausen way, and eat them dry (ahem, boring). Hey, I am not here to judge. I will however say that you might miss out on something if you don’t at least taste that apple butter. Have you ever seen that on a menu around here before? I didn’t think so!

While the weather is still nice, make it a point to check out their outside seating area and be sure to get these fries on the side of whatever you end up ordering. You will not be disappointed!

The Best French Fries in Beaver County

So let’s review our list to this point:

  1. BeauCo Bistron
  2. Maple Restaurant
  3. Z-Pub & Diner
  4. Hollywood Gardens
  5. Bert’s Wooden Indian

Honorable Mentions: Heirloom Restaurant, Tinitique, Harold’s Inn, Philly Originals, Hank’s

Stay tuned for next week when we will announce the #5 Best French Fries in Beaver County.

Anastasia Beaverhausen is a married, stay-at-home mom of three kids. She was born, raised and still lives in downtown Beaver. Her main goals in life are making sure everyone lives through the week, the house doesn’t end up condemned, and teaching two (so far) small people how to “people” properly. In her free time, Ana enjoys running, knitting and gardening, although free time is a pretty tough thing to come by these days. Follow her on twiter @bcBeaverhausen!