The further along we get in this series, the less surprising the results become. No matter which one you choose to frequent, the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe is a Beaver County icon. And a major part of that appeal is their world famous chili cheese fries.

This is at the top of the to-do list for just about anyone who visits Beaver County, and is an absolute must for anyone who moves away and then comes back to visit. For those of us who actually live here, it can be more of an addiction.


World Famous Chili Cheese Fries

The Hot Dog Shoppe experience starts with their fresh-cut shoestring fries that are par-cooked and then finished off to order. They use a unique type of cheddar cheese sauce that I’ve never had anywhere else, and their homemade chili is absolutely fantastic.

Add a bit of vinegar for the spots that the chili and cheese don’t cover and your on your way to French Fry Heaven.

It’s also worth noting that I recently discovered you can get chili and cheese on their home fries if you are there for breakfast.


YBC Voter Comments

The first thing I asked for after giving birth? Chili Cheese Fries from the Hot Dog Shoppe.” – Anonymous

Seriously. These are the only ones that matter. My mouth is watering from 610 miles just thinking about it. I plan trips home around them. Every other fry on your list is ok, but can be duplicated. The fries at the HDS when combined with that cheese and chili are totally unique. I know I’m home when I have a basket of HDS fries.” – Jamie Botinovich


The Best French Fries in Beaver County

So let’s review our list to this point:

  1. Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe
  2. Jerry’s Curb Service
  3. Bowser’s Restaurant
  4. Bocktown Beer & Grill
  5. BeauCo Bistro
  6. Maple Restaurant
  7. Z-Pub & Diner
  8. Hollywood Gardens
  9. Bert’s Wooden Indian

Honorable Mentions: Heirloom Restaurant, Tinitique, Harold’s Inn, Philly Originals, Hank’s

Stay tuned for next week when we will announce the #1 Best French Fries in Beaver County. Anyone want to guess where they are from?

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