It has been a long road, but we have finally arrived at the number one choice for the Best French Fries in Beaver County.

It’s actually quite fitting that the top vote-getter by a mile (seriously like double HDS and Jerry’s) is a little place on College Hill in Beaver Falls that I actually found out about through YBC. And in case you’re wondering, they were actually my #1 choice as well.

On my very first trip to The Ball Joint, Bryan brought me out a spread of all of his specialty fries. From that moment on, I have been absolutely hooked on his Cheesy Bacon Amazing fries. They’re the best around. Bar none. No exceptions.

The Ball Joint’s Cheesy Bacon Amazing Fries

When you order cheese and bacon fries from most places, you expect to get some fries that are topped with cheese and then sprinkled with some bacon. That’s not what this is.

At The Ball Joint, the Cheesy Bacon Amazing fries start with a creamy cheese sauce that is clearly made in house. Then the cheese sauce is topped with another type of cheese…and of course the bacon. This cheesy bacon combination is so amazing that I can’t possibly do it justice.

Oh yeah, and The Ball Joint also has about 7,000 other possible combinations of toppings. So if you’re one of the three or four people in Beaver County that doesn’t like cheese and bacon, you still have options.


YBC Voter Comments

The Ball Joint has the best fries hands down of any place in or out of Beaver County! They are made fresh and great just plain but the topping options are incredible!! Fresh made toppings make the meal complete! Absolutely the best, I get them every time I go!!” – Anonymous

Very simply, the Ball Joint goes above & beyond. Hand cut fries with the best toppings combined with an amazing ranch dipping sauce, it isn’t even close.” – Jon Earle

The ball joint! Hands down the best in the valley! Their food is amazing and their fries? Divine! If you haven’t visited the ball joint or fast balls, you’re truly missing out! Get you some!” – Karrie Hockenberry

The Ball Joint is the best! My 2 year old daughter and my husband have a weekly Ball Joint dinner date! It’s my families favorite place! The fries are amazing, all the food is great and the staff is the best! Especially Bryan, Amanda and Crystal, who my two year old Remy considers her friends now! :)” – Sam Petrick

The Ball Joint hands down. The fries are always fresh and hot and the sauces are amazing. I gave them 3 votes because of the Cheesy Bacon Amazing fries, Lousizanna Bayou Fries and the Plain ones. I have even started hearing people refer to them as the Potato Patch of Beaver Falls. Well… Maybe I made the last part up but I dig them!” – Ryan Petrick


The Best French Fries in Beaver County

So let’s review our list to this point:

  1. The Ball Joint
  2. Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe
  3. Jerry’s Curb Service
  4. Bowser’s Restaurant
  5. Bocktown Beer & Grill
  6. BeauCo Bistro
  7. Maple Restaurant
  8. Z-Pub & Diner
  9. Hollywood Gardens
  10. Bert’s Wooden Indian

Honorable Mentions: Heirloom Restaurant, Tinitique, Harold’s Inn, Philly Originals, Hank’s

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