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Our next pick is this fantastic little Captain’s Keg. They are also known as Rum Casks, Water Kegs or Grog Barrels. Naval ships and merchant vessels utilized these from prior to the Civil War all the way through WWII. This is the second one we have had in the Shop. Due to their amazingly similar size, shape and design, I believe that they were built to military specifications.

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The cask measures about 17 ½ inches long and is 11 inches at its highest point. From there, it tapers down to a diameter of 8 ¾ inches. There are six hoops holding the charred white oak staves together. Two of the hoops incorporate “feet” to keep the keg stable in a horizontal position. Two other hoops have a handle attached to the top. Both spigot and fill hole are brass and are threaded into the wood. The fill hole also has a threaded brass plug.

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The type of wood used was not accidental. White oak has a natural resistance to weather and the effects of salt water. The charred interior also fought spoilage, if filled with potable water. As tempted as I am to fill it with rum, it is currently for sale. Come on by the Shop and check it out!