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I walk around in a bubble the majority of the day. Task on hand, beeline to complete task, finish task, eat ice cream as a prize for completing task.  A few weeks ago, my task on hand was to talk to Adrienne, the owner and pharmacist at Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy, about some meds for the sick kids (um, is anyone else over this flu season?!). So there I stood in line, focusing on the task at hand when wham I looked to the left and saw this.


You are probably wondering what in the heck this thing is, right? Well, let me just tell you. They are ILLUMINATED TWEEZERS and they are AWESOME. This is the moment that I realized I was missing out on a lot of things right in front of my face. Typically I am on my phone or staring into space while I wait in line. Not on this day though.

Outside of the light up tweezers, what else did Adrienne have that I was missing?! So, so much. I am glad I did this article so that I could see what else was going on over there.


Obviously they fill prescriptions, just like other pharmacies.  But they do things differently.  There is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that you will NOT see, but I assure you. You will see a difference with the end result. If you have insurance, they will take it (they can even bill some medical insurance companies for vaccines too!). If you don’t have insurance, they will give you a cash discount and will find any manufacturer coupons available for the medication. If it exists, they will find it, activate it, and apply it – and you don’t have to deal with it. Imagine that! A pharmacy that does all of the work for you!

In addition to the great prices, let’s talk about what they offer for free. Because if there is something better than a great price, it’s NO price. Amiright?! Free compliance packaging, separated by dosage.  Meaning, you get a packet of medication for each dose. Meaning, you don’t have to fuddle with a bottle and trying to remember what to take and when to take it. You have a packet that is clearly marked with the medication(s), the dose, when to take it and any directions.  This could work for anyone. Kids in school that need individual doses, busy adults that can toss it in their pocket or purse and get going, and the elderly that have concerns about remembering to take their medications on time. In addition to your prescription drugs, Adrienne will even add over the counter drugs, supplements and/or vitamins to your dose, making sure that they all can be taken together with no interaction.

Another freebie – free DELIVERY. That’s FREE DELIVERY.  Even if it’s just one box of Band-Aids – or, seriously, you should buy the illuminated tweezers!! Have them delivered!  Also offered, free blood pressure screening and free prescription synchronization. Why make separate trips to the pharmacy for each different medication?  Have your prescriptions synchronized and get them all filled and picked up (or delivered) at one time!

Injectable medication is another option at the Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy. They offer a full lineup of vaccinations. From travel vaccinations for yellow fever and typhoid to annual flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines and even special vaccinations required for nursing and veterinarian students, there is a full list to pick from. As the first injectable medication administration pharmacy site in the County, they are able to administer long-acting, anti-psychotic medications. Also available, B12 monthly injections without an appointment.  If you don’t want to come to see them, why not have them come to you?  You should organize a flu vaccination party at your office! The Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy will come to your business for a flu shot clinic.   You will be the rock star of your group of co-workers for keeping everyone healthy this year. They will also come to your church or mission group with all travel vaccines you may need.

The pharmacy is also fully stocked with OTC goodies. Things like shampoo, deodorant, cold medicine, baby gear.. You need it, they probably have it. And you can get it delivered. WITH THE TWEEZERS.

So, there you have it folks. It is true. Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy and Adrienne are #dedicatedtoahealthybeaver!