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Halloween. The one night a year where you can dress like a pirate, a princess OR a Power Ranger.

The one night a year where you can walk the streets at night with pillow cases knocking on people’s doors and asking them for candy… and they don’t chase you away or call your parents. They actually give it to you!

The one night a year where you get to stay up past your bed time eating entire pillow case full of said candy… and maybe or maybe not get sick afterwards. It’s the absolute best. 

As I’m getting in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve: picking out pumpkins and putting out fall decorations that I know I’ll be replacing with Christmas soon… it got me thinking about some of my favorite Halloween memories that I made growing up. 

I thought it would be fun to get the whole YBC crew to give us low-down on their favorite costumes, hot spots to go trick-or treating, best candy to pass out, and just some of their favorite Halloween experiences. 

Allie’s Halloween Memories

Most Memorable Costume

When I was 8 years old, all I wanted in my entire life was to be Kimberly, the pink Power Ranger for Halloween. I had planned this a year in advance, told all of my friends, and was eagerly awaiting this experience. 

Since my parents did most things last minute (because they both worked and I didn’t understand how busy that made life at the time) they decided to go get our costumes on the evening of October 30th… not realizing that all of the pink ranger costumes were sold out weeks ago. When I tore open that bag to find my costume, my heart sunk. It was the Blue Ranger. 

Not only was I not going to be Kimberly, I was going to be Billy. The worst Power Ranger of all with the Triceratops zord. The Lance Bass of the group. If I had to be a boy, they couldn’t have at least gotten me Tommy?  Or Jason?  Heck, even Zach? Clearly this experience has scarred me. For life.

Best Trick or Treat Spot

Despite my parents’ horrible timing shopping for costumes, they did let us grow up in the greatest Halloween neighborhood of all-time: Patterson Heights. King size candy bars, so many houses in perfect square blocks that you physically couldn’t even hit them all in one night. Kids came in by the truck load from other neighborhoods just to experience it.

Favorite Halloween Candy

The King size Hershey bars, Almond Joy, Mallow Cups, and the double pack of Starburst (as long as you didn’t get 2 yellows… in which case, screw that!)

Andy’s Halloween Memories

Most Memorable Costume

Similar to Allie, I was scarred by having to be the least interesting member of my favorite crime fighting group, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Like most of the boys my age, Michelangelo was my favorite turtle. I mean, come on, he was “a party dude!” Unfortunately, all of the costumes at the mall were for Raphael…who was “cool, but rude.” (Yeah…I still know that song.)

A lot of my friends just ignored the fact that their costume belts and face masks were red (not orange), carried nunchucks, and pretended they were Michelangelo anyways.

Not me. I was a purist. So I rocked the double sais (the lamest weapon of any of the Turtles) and represented Raphael to the best of my abilities.

Best Trick or Treat Spot

Growing up in Cedar Ridge at a time before “the new part” of Woodhaven existed, we were known as one of the best places to trick-or-treat in Center Township.

And to the people from that one house that were never home but left candy on their front porch….sorry….but I always took more than one.

Favorite Halloween Candy

​I’m not sure that I ever really had a favorite candy, but I’ve always liked all of the real sugary stuff. Smartees, Nerds, and Sweettarts are all great.


Ella’s Halloween Memories

Most Memorable Costume

With many years of trick-or-treating under my belt, I’ve got more than a couple costumes to think back on. A vampire, a cowgirl, Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame…

Two years ago I wrote “ID, EGO, & SUPER EGO” with Sharpie on a satiny garment and called myself a “Freudian Slip”. One person got it without being prompted. ONE. I guess not everyone’s into puns and psychology as much as I am.

My most memorable costume comes from an age so young that I can only appreciate it in family photos. As a toddler, I was a red & white box of Huggies. Not the drink, the diaper. Cut some holes out for limbs, and BAM! Instant costume. Cats & kids love boxes, people!

Best Trick or Treat Spot

The houses where I grew up were spaced out a bit far for little legs to get from door-to-door. We toured our neighborhood a few times, but when I was a youngin’, the gold mine was Dawson Ridge. There so many houses to visit within that golden two-hour window that we’d be huffing & puffing trying to carry our treat bags (or begging Mom & Dad to hold it, puh-leeeease!)

Favorite Halloween Candy

Fruity, sweet, & sour, please! To this day, I have a terribly hard time turning down Sprees, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts or Jelly Bellies. I used to eat so much that I’d get an ulcer on my tongue!

Corey’s Halloween Memories

Most Memorable Costume

In my family we didn’t go out and buy anything except for a few props when it came to Halloween costumes. We made our costumes every year using the Halloween treasure chest that we kept in the attic. We did it all: homicidal clowns, professional wrestlers, and even a California Raisin one year. Our imaginations would run wild, as we busted out the hand-me-downs and homemade fake blood. These are memories I hold close.

The most memorable costume comes from when I was nine years old. My father handcrafted a Robin getup. I’m not talking about a bird either, I’m talking about Batman’s little buddy. The costume was complete with a black mask, red vest, and a yellow cape. And there’s no way you can pull off a 60’s era Robin without white tights and an (R) on your chest, KA-BOOM!

Best Trick or Treat Spot

I grew up in Aliquippa where the houses were close and plenty of them. It was nothing for my brother and I to fill up two large pillow cases with candy. We covered a lot of ground and had candy for months following trick-or-treat. We would have so much candy. Some years when Easter came along, we had to toss out what stale candy we had left to make room for Anderson’s chocolates.

Favorite Halloween Candy

It’s hard to say what my favorite candy was. I’ve always been a chocolate lover and the Reese’s cups were first to go, so maybe those were my favorite. I know my least favorite were candy corns, because those are gross. And to the lady who passed out tooth brushes, you’re colder than ICE.

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Allie is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. She is a 2006 graduate of Blackhawk High School, and still resides in Patterson Heights with her husband Andy and their 3-year old son, Luke. She is a Regional Manager at PLS Logistics and a sports fanatic. You can find her on Facebook as Allie Dixon.