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Do you like free money? Do you like dining in Beaver County? If you answered yes to both of those questions, keep reading. A few Beaver County establishments are offering tremendous deals through and Groupon. If you’ve never purchased anything from these two sites, it’s quite painless and easy. I just made my first two purchases from – one to Annie Lee’s Southern Kitchen in Ambridge and the other for Two Chefs Catering in Hopewell. These deals are so good I had to spread the good news since sharing is caring. It’s important we support these local businesses!

Ambridge Italian Villa – $10 for $20

This legendary spot along Duss Avenue in Ambridge is known for their massive gyro. $20 will get you at least two of these.


Lazzio Family Pizza – $10 for $20

Lazzio is a new pizza joint along Mill Street in Aliquippa. I haven’t personally been here yet, but if you’re getting $10 in free money, why not order food for the whole family?

Two Chefs Catering – $10 for $20

We previously did a review on this cool little spot on Brodhead Road in Hopewell. They do a great job catering to your take-out needs, serving up fresh daily specials along with a host of other things. My new favorite here are their porcupine balls. Un-real.

Annie Lee’s Southern Kitchen – $10 for $20

I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s absolutely phenomenal. And when I saw them on, I literally couldn’t buy the voucher fast enough. They are the premier place for soul food and southern cooking in Beaver County…hands down.

Caffe 501 – $10 for $20

I’ve been meaning to get to this coffee house in Ambridge, because quite frankly, we don’t have enough of these little places in Beaver County. (This is the third business along Duss Ave. on!). $20 worth of coffee and baked good will have you buzzing!

Caffe 501

Spanky D’s – $10 for $20

Located at 1445 Market Street Rear in Bridgewater, Spanky D’s probably flies a little below the radar here in the County. But after checking out some of their food photos on their Facebook page, this is a place you want to get to…like yesterday.


Scooch’s Pizza – $13 for $20

Scooch’s has been a staple at Five Points in Hopewell Township for several years. The food is consistently good, and they also have a nice beer selection. $7 worth of free money can go a long way here.

Dairy Queen (Beaver) – $9.50 for $15

This Groupon is for the Beaver Dairy Queen. And who doesn’t live a little DQ in their life? This discount isn’t huge, but’s enough to get someone in your family a free blizzard.

P-Dub’s – $6.50 for $10

P-Dub’s in Monaca is on my short list for most underrated places in the County. They have ginormous TV’s in the bar area, and solid beer selection, a great food menu, and the portion sizes are mammoth. Get this Groupon and visit P-Dub’s. You literally cannot miss this place in dahntahn Monacatootha.

Café Rosa – $13 for $20

I don’t make it up to College Hill very often, but from the looks of this place, I think I need to. Café Rosa is all about serving up fresh, quality food, while helping to revitalize Beaver Falls. And hey, who doesn’t love that? They’re opening a second location in the coming months, so buy this Groupon and support this local business!

cafe rosa


Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando