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The sights and sounds of fireworks exploding into brilliant patterns illuminating the night sky will once again take over the river skyline this Saturday.  Beaver County BOOM!, sponsored by PUSH Beaver County, is in its seventh year and will kick off the summer season in style with a Zambelli fireworks display that rivals any in the state.  For those who haven’t experienced it, the BOOM! show is launched from barges at the mouth of the Beaver River.  The location was strategically chosen to take advantage of the riverfront views surrounding the confluence of the Beaver and Ohio Rivers.  Beaver County’s vast river banks, rolling hills and parks provide many amazing vantage points to see the fireworks.  “Our river towns around the confluence of the Beaver and Ohio Rivers are a wonderful showcase to the beauty that Beaver County has,” commented Nathan Kopsack, Vice President of PUSH Beaver County.

Just as amazing as the show is the work that goes into putting it all together.  Many sponsors, communities, business leaders, government leaders, numerous folks behind the scenes, police, fire, EMS—all work together to make sure the event runs smoothly.  It’s a wonderful example of resources and municipalities working together.  But why put on a fireworks display?  Nathan explains, “the goal of PUSH Beaver County (People UNITED in Shaping and Helping) is to do just that, UNITE.  Beaver County BOOM! is doing just that in its own special and unique way.  Individually, New Brighton, Rochester, Bridgewater, Beaver, and Monaca are all contributing sponsors of Beaver County BOOM!”  Monaca, Ambridge and Beaver are holding their own events during the day, culminating in BOOM! Saturday evening.  The idea behind BOOM! was to truly be an event for the Beaver County community.  The surrounding communities now make the day their own and share in the fireworks display.  It’s exactly what PUSH Beaver County was shooting for when this all began 7 years ago.  Kopsack continues, “the moral of this story is when we all work together, we can do world class things. We can do things that other communities can only imagine or dream about.  Right here, in Beaver County, we do it! It’s amazing, really.”

That can do attitude is something that the members of PUSH hope continue as the region experiences rebirth and growth.  “We have local government and business leaders who are engaged and understand our mission.  Couple that with the deserving citizens of Beaver County and Beaver County BOOM! is an event that everyone can  enjoy and benefit from.  That is what PUSH Beaver County is all about.”

PUSH Beaver County President Mark Kopsack is humbled by the cooperation and community support.  “Beaver County BOOM!, to me, is so much more than “just a fireworks show.” It is a bright, beaming example of what can happen if amazing people from all over Beaver County get together and put their minds to doing something really, really big. It is, truly humbling indeed.”

The skinny:

Where:  Confluence of the Beaver and Ohio Rivers

When:  9:45 p.m. Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tune into WBVP/WMBA for an 80’s themed score to go along with the fireworks display.  Find a spot at one of the many vantage points in Beaver, Bridgewater, Monaca and Rochester.  Check with each local community for details on activities going on during the day.


Sharon was born & raised in Beaver County, and graduated from Western Beaver HS too many years ago to recall. She graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Communications. She has been in the financial services industry since 1999. In her spare time, Sharon sits on the Board of Directors of PUSH Beaver County and the Midland Arts Council. When not working, she can be found checking out the local music scene or hiking trails in the area with her favorite rescue, Max.