7 Exciting Activity and Food Pairings (4)

It’s almost time to bundle up for winter and hibernate for the next six months. Sad face. And if you’re like me, then you’ll want to blow torch and gasoline the good ol’ Farmer’s Almanac for calling for a winter like the one we had last year. Sub-zero temperatures here we come!!

I for one, don’t even want to THINK about that, so I won’t until they’re here! Until then, I will be enjoying every last bit of nice weather I can by going on these outdoor adventures!  Each one pairs an activity with a stop for a special treat.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding on the Beaver River and Brunch at Kelly’s

If you are new to kayaking or Paddle boarding, then head to the BVR Board Shop in Bridgewater where the river is calmer than me screaming when my Kayak tipped into the water last week. The BVR Board Shop offers kayak boats, which are long like a canoe, and stand up paddleboards, which is a hybrid of surfing and kayaking. Either way, you’re bound to have fun. (Newbie tip: choose the paddleboard!)

Right next door to the board shop is Kelly’s Riverside.  Before or after your water adventure, head there for an awesome brunch!  (Yes, Kelly’s serves brunch – and it is fantastic!) Sit outside on the “beach” and enjoy the view of the river! It won’t be long until it is frozen over.

Biking the Beaver River Trail and Ice Cream on College Hill

I’ve been seeing a lot of bikers in the area. Maybe it’s a ‘thing’ now, maybe it’s just a trend, or maybe these people actually enjoy biking, but either way, if you’ve got two wheels, try biking the Beaver River Trail. The trail that was once Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad now runs from Geneva College to the Eastvale Bridge. The trail is easy as it is all paved, and is only about a mile and half. The perfect ride for beginners or if you’re just looking to cruise.

After your bike ride, stop in the College Hill Ice Cream Shoppe for a sweet treat. Sixteen flavors will guarantee everyone’s happiness. Allie wrote about CHIC not too long ago, so you can read all about it through her raving review here!

Mini Golf at Frontier Falls and Dinner at Hank’s

This outing is simple, inexpensive, and fun! Frontier Falls on Junction Stretch is perfect for the whole family. Mom and dad can bet for who’s paying for dinner and the kids can bet on… well whatever they come up with! The waterfalls, ponds, and Wild Wild West theme are great throughout the 18 holes.

After putt-putt, go a half a mile down the street to Hank’s! I don’t think I have to elaborate on their tacos and ice cream! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Family Fishing at Brady’s Run and Wings at Zooky’s

Want to try fishing? If you’re anything like me, then that answer is NO. But if touching a slimy, flopping, gross, disgusting creature sounds fun to you, then head on over to Brady’s Run with your pole and bait. All of the streams are stocked by the PA Fish Commission so you’re sure to catch something.

I’m not a fisherman so I know nothing about certain fishing seasons, but PA Fishing Commission rules and licenses, in addition to park regulations, must be followed.

After baiting and casting all day, I’m sure you’ll be hungry, and what better to curb your appetite than what Marc called the best wings in the county?! Zooky’s! And if you’re over 21, those wings will go perfectly with a cold beer.

Photos with the Fort Macintosh Statues and Cookies at Kretchmar’s Bakery

This might sound really stupid, but just go do it! Go take goofy pictures posing with the statues in the Beaver parks! Go to Fort Mac, go to Irvine Park, go anywhere you can and take silly pictures! Make it a fun afternoon photo session!

After you make a statue scrapbook, walk into Kretchmar’s Bakery and get one of those sugar cookies I ramble on and on about.  Or a cupcake, or donut, or whatever else they’re whipping up that day!  Any are guaranteed to be delicious.

Pick Your Own Apples at Mcconnell’s Farm and Lunch at Pacentro’s

I heard that fruit tastes better when you pick it right off of the tree. And maybe this year I will find out at McConnell’s Farm in Hopewell! Get a bushel before heading out to pick apples right out of the orchard – I’d imagine holding tons of apples in your arms while still trying to pick is hard!!

After, stop at Pacentro’s for lunch. A long afternoon of picking is sure to work up an appetite. After an Italian meal, I am always tired, but if I have fresh apples, I might just have to go home and make Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings for dessert. (Pinterest that recipe. It is sooooo good!)

Enjoy Nature Buttermilk Falls and Lunch at Giuseppe’s

Buttermilk Falls is seriously Beaver County’s hidden gem. It is so beautiful there! There’s plenty of scenery, including at 40 foot waterfall!  There’s wading waters, walking trails, and trees to play around on! For sure bring old shoes and a towel. If it’s warm enough, you’ll want to get wet once you see the scenery.

Afterward (if you’re dry enough!) go to Giuseppe’s for a delicious Italian meal! If you haven’t been, try anything on the menu. Their food is spectacular! And the atmosphere is nice. There are Italian murals and statues everywhere!

Got some ideas that your family loves? Comment below!