Picture this.  It’s January. It’s freezing cold. It is snowy, dark, and nothing about the afternoon even makes you want to think about going outside. Sound familiar?  Yeah. eyeroll It sure does. Well the good news is that you pretty much don’t have to go outside, thanks to Battaglia’s Dutch Ridge Dairy.  They deliver whatever they have in the store, and it is just what you need. Get some Boar’s Head meat and cheese with a loaf of Mancini’s for lunch, but then while you are at it, grab stuff to make dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow, a little Tylenol for the sick kiddos, Clorox Wipes to clean up after the sick kiddos, and some Rosalind Chocolate and Police Station Pizza for yourself to make caring for the sick kiddos that much more tolerable.

That’s right. Come snow and freezing temps, Jessica will be sure to get your delivery to you during the week from 10 am-4 pm. She will go to an office or a house or wherever you might be for no charge within the 15009 zip code. She will go outside of that zip too, but for just a small fee. This is the new mom & pop version of a convenience store! They have what you need and if they don’t, Jessica will make every effort to get it for you too.

Let’s talk about just what they have there to deliver, mmkay?

Breakfast – Oram’s. Do I need to elaborate that at all? I mean, come on. Oram’s Cinnamon Rolls are massive. You could probably feed a family of four with one roll, however that has never been tested because nobody ever wants to share theirs.  Make your morning even better with Hallowed Grounds coffee too. And then, you know, eggs and Brunton Dairy bacon.

Lunch – Well, yeah, they have delicious Boar’s Head meats and cheeses! Best deli meat around, hands down.  To make it even better, they use Mancini’s bread. Oven Gold Turkey with Provolone, or Roast Beef and Swiss? Or how about The Dutch Ridge, with Ham, Salami, Bologna, American Cheese and Provolone Cheese? Feeling like something warm? Well then, give their new house-made pepperoni rolls a whirl. There is also a daily soup and special too! Call for deets on those.

Dinner – Battaglia’s does dinner too. Want to make something fast? Grab some Brunton’s ground beef, some pasta and sauce and wala! Dinner. Is. Served.  Or, maybe some Police Station Pizza to reheat? Either is a great option. Get it delivered with your lunch and don’t even think twice about dinner!

Let’s not scoff at dessert either. Brunton’s Dairy Chocolate Ice Cream might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ok, not above all three children’s births.. but you know, maybe like one or two of them? Anyway. Yeah, the ice cream. Carton-licking good! She will deliver this too! OR, if you aren’t feeling like cold ice cream, there is a full display of Rosalind Chocolates and another one of Amish Cookies. Either of those would be a great after dinner treat. Even greater because YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR THEM!

Finally, what about things like garbage bags, or paper towels, or laundry detergent… the list goes on and on. While they don’t have a store the size of the old Tusca grocery store, they do have the essentials! Definitely worth a stop OR, yannow, a call for delivery!

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