This article is sponsored by our friends at AutoEffects in Monaca. If you are looking for first-class service on any type of aftermarket installation…including a remote starter…this is the place to get it done right!

Are you ready for another Polar Vortex? We may not have control over Mother Nature’s wrath, but Ryan Hare and his experienced team are ready to help ease the shock of sub-zero temperatures and snow by prepping your vehicle with high-quality, affordable aftermarket accessories.

I recently met with Ryan to learn more about AutoEffects, and was shocked at the variety of services that they offer! From longstanding popular products and services to new technologies, you can trust that your ride is in the hands of the best in Beaver County.

As the temperatures drop, consider treating yourself to increased comfort in your car, or get a gift that your loved one will use every day!


Remote Starters

These are by far AutoEffects’ most popular products at this time of year. With 9 models to choose from, you can certainly find an option that suits your individual needs and budget. They can even program your existing key fob to interact with an installed module to start your car!

Top Benefits

Convenience: Start your vehicle from the comfort of your home, your office, or the checkout at the grocery store. Distance varies by model (from 400 yards; 1200 ft; ½ mile; 1 mile; to ANYWHERE with the ”Smart Start” app).

Your windshield will defrost while you pour your coffee. No more spending 10 minutes of your morning chipping away at ice!

As a bonus, when summertime returns, your A/C can be running to cool the car before you get in!

Affordability: Prices range from $129 to $499, including the module and installation. Similar products offered from the factory can add on over $1000 to the price of your car, so you can’t beat this deal!

“Car Health”: Allowing your vehicle to warm up really is as important as your dad (and/or husband) may have suggested. Why?

Cold Car = Oil gathered in bottom of oil pan, thick & gooey, like refrigerated maple syrup.

Warm Car = Oil circulating around moving parts, lubricating important parts of your engine.

Your vehicle will perform better and last longer if you treat it right!

For Everyone: The mom toting an infant and a toddler that can’t be left alone in the house while she goes out to start the car. The grandmother who can’t tolerate low temperatures as well as she used to. Couples, singles, old, and young. Anyone with a vehicle can benefit from a remote starter!

Guaranteed: An aftermarket remote starter does not void factory warranty! This common misconception deters many with late-model vehicles from purchasing one, but it shouldn’t. If the installation of a remote starter causes any problems with your vehicle, Ryan will go to whatever lengths necessary to resolve the issue. He stands behind his products and his work 100%!

Most models also come with a Lifetime Warranty (repair or replacement) and free removal if you decide to sell or trade your vehicle. Reinstallation in your new vehicle is much more affordable than buying a new module, costing only about $140!

Most Popular Models & Features

Python 4113: $299.99 (MSRP $379):
2 Remotes w/4 Buttons; 1200 ft Range

Python 4111: $269.99 (MSRP $359):
2 Remotes w/1 Button; 1200 ft Range

Advanced Models

Python 4806: $499.99 (MSRP $559):
2 Remotes w/4 Buttons & Red/Green Confirmation Lights; 1 Mile Range

CA 4555: $339.99 (MSRP $399):
2 Remotes w/2-Way Confirmation (Lights/Beeps when vehicle has started); 2000 ft

Viper Smart Start: From $209.99

With an installed module, this add-on allows you to connect to your vehicle from anywhere in the world with an app on your smartphone!



The second worst thing about winter is the sloppy, salty mess that gets dragged in with our boots. AutoEffects can provide custom-fit WeatherTech products in your vehicle to protect your flooring, your trunk, and more.

Why buy your WeatherTech products from AutoEffects when you can get the same price online? Save both time and money! No $20-some shipping charges, and your product arrives at the store the very next day!

Heated Seats

AutoEffects can turn any factory seat into a heated seat! Ryan advised that manufacturers only offer heated seat options on vehicles equipped with leather, but his team can install a heating mat into the existing seat in your vehicle, regardless of its material.

Winter Tires/Wheel Well Liners/Wheels

Whether you’re in need of winter tires to increase traction in the snow, or you want to protect the wheel wells in your truck (no one wants rusty holes in their bed!), AutoEffects can hook you up. They’re also the place to go for custom wheels of all sizes, styles, and colors.

Backup Cameras & Sensors

If you’re one of those people who have difficulty judging the distance between your vehicle and what’s behind you (cough, cough, you know who you are), Ryan’s team can install aftermarket backup sensors in your vehicle’s bumper.

Parents of small children would especially value a backup camera to ensure there aren’t any little ones running behind the car.

New Products

AutoEffects is now offering services that are of special interest to parents and employers with fleets of vehicles:


This innovative product puts a stop to texting and driving! Through Bluetooth technology, it will block Android phones from text capability, and iPhones will alert a designated person (Mom, Dad, the Boss) that the driver is texting while driving.

GPS Tracking

Keep track of your kids or employees to make sure everyone is safe and where they’re supposed to be!

One-Stop Aftermarket Shopping

I couldn’t possibly list everything AutoEffects has to offer in just one article…but I can confidently say that if you can dream it, these guys can make it a reality. They provide detailing, premium tinting, audio upgrades, interior & exterior lighting enhancements, spray-in bed liners, running boards, and more!

Gift Certificates

Available for services, products, or monetary values. The best stocking stuffer you could buy for the car aficionado!

AutoEffects Cash

I love this! Get $10 back for every $100 you spend! It’s like Kohl’s cash, but way better.


Black Friday: Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Super Saturday: Open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

AutoEffects will have extended hours during the start of the holiday season, and amazing deals that you don’t want to miss! Up to 50% off!

With Best Buy closed, you can count on AutoEffects to meet your needs this holiday season and beyond with the integrity and pride that you can only get from a small local business.

Are You Ready for a Remote Start?

If you would like to take advantage of anny fo the services that AutoEffects offers, or even if you just want some more info, fill out your contact information and someone will get in touch with you soon!

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