This article is sponsored by our friends at Klemen Lawn Care. If you are tired of handling your own lawn care and would be interested in a free quote from a local company that believes in attention to detail and reasonable pricing, Klemen Lawn Care is the perfect option!

The current state of the lawn service industry isn’t ok with Beaver County native Mark Klemen.

Too many companies are overcharging only to under deliver. In a world of very similar pickup trucks and mowers, his business stands out by doing something different.

Meeting Mark Klemen

I spent a long time looking for a lawn service. Of course, part of that was my own reluctance to give up the responsibility of cutting my own grass. But once I added a rental property into the mix, I knew it was time to hire a professional.

However, I found that most of the lawn service companies I talked with were too busy to bother with me and at the same time charged somewhere in the neighborhood of double what I thought would be a fair price.

Then I met Mark Klemen and he gave me a price that I didn’t even have to think twice about. It was dead on with what I thought was fair.

And that was before I realized the difference in quality that Mark was bringing to the table…


The Difference in Quality

We all know how most of the big-time lawn service companies work. They charge you a professional rate and then send out a bunch of high school kids that couldn’t care less what your yard looks like after they are done.

Mark doesn’t have any high school kids working for him. He is pretty much a one man show…and he stakes his reputation on every single yard he cuts.

When the guy who is cutting, trimming, and cleaning up your yard has his name on the invoices, you just know that you are going to get a greater level of attention to detail than you would from an hourly employee.


Competitive Pricing

I already mentioned that Mark’s prices were way better than anyone else I talked to about maintaining my lawns. But let’s dive into exactly why his prices are cheaper.

Mark is a one-man operation (although he does have a few guys that jump in to help him with bigger jobs). He doesn’t drive a brand new truck and he doesn’t have the latest and greatest in fancy equipment.

That means that he simply doesn’t have the overhead that many of the larger landscaping companies are dealing with…which means he can quote much more competitive prices!

Mark also does not believe in charging more for jobs just because they are located in more expensive neighborhoods. He believes that as long as we are comparing apples to apples, similar yards should cost the same no matter what zip code they are located in.


Other Services Mark Offers

In addition to basic lawn care services, Mark can also handle your landscaping and hardscaping jobs like mulching and building retaining walls. He brings the same quality and price benefits to the table with these jobs as well.

On of the things that I always feared in hiring a lawn care company was that I would be just another yard on their massive to-do list. I have found that dealing with Mark Klemen is different…and that’s why he is my lawn care specialist.

Would you like to talk to Mark about your lawn?

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