beaver county airport

I’m not sure how common this is nationwide, but in Beaver County we are fortunate to have our very own airport located right in Chippewa Township. While anyone taking a commercial flight generally makes the 20-minute drive up to the Pittsburgh International Airport, private pilots are able to make regular use out of the more local Beaver County Airport.

Beaver County Airport Facts

  • The Beaver County Airport is identified as either BFP, KBVI, or BVI.
  • The total acreage of the airport is 228 acres.
  • The runway is asphalt and is 4,501 feet long and 100 feet wide.
  • There are more than 100 aircraft that are based at the Beaver County Airport.

Flight Schools & Flying Clubs

There are two different flight schools that operate out of the Beaver County Airport. Both of these schools are designed to teach complete beginner everything they need to know to become pilots. This include both in-plane and classroom training.

Once you obtain you license, you might want to consider joining the Beaver Valley Flying Club in order to have access to a plane. This is a non-profit organization that shares multiple planes among its members. There is an initiation fee, monthly dues, and flying fees involved, but the cost is still dramatically lower than purchasing and maintaining your own plane.

If the historic aspect of flying are interesting to you, you will also want to check out the Air Heritage Museum located literally next door to the Beaver County Airport!

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