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Fans of great food and HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, BEWARE!!  Dinner is coming!  Everyone from Kings and Queens to squires and lowborn are welcomed to the table for this feast.  Quay Park in Beaver will be turned into a King’s Landing feast, with a traditional long table and candlelight to enjoy the feast.  This will be the second Suburban Supper, and takes inspiration for the meal from the wildly popular HBO Series, which kicks off its seventh season on July 16th.  Even if you’ve never seen the show this Suburban Supper has all the makings of another memorable dining experience for fans and non-fans alike.  Meg Grimes of Herban Touch Juice Lab & Café says “Game of Thrones” is one of her staff’s personal favorites.  “We can’t wait to showcase the flavors of such a unique world for our diners.”

Dinner will be prepared by Certified Chef de Cuisine and owner of Heirloom Restaurant Rich Montini, Meg Grimes of Herban Touch Juice Lab & Café, and Beth ‘Buffy’ Foster of Beaver Antique Merchants.  Nicholette Montini, owner of Heirloom Restaurant says, “I’m excited to partner with other local businesses to create a truly unique dining event.  This Medieval inspired meal is a new challenge for these chefs to use their creativity and love of food to create an incredible menu.”  Courses include a savory seafood stew, pigeon pie, roasted pork, grilled summer peaches, locally sourced corn fritters, desserts and beverages.  Knowing Chef Rich, he will bring wonderful taste combinations to each course.  Dinner will again be served at one long table, giving diners a familial, communal experience.

As with the first Suburban Supper held two years ago this coming October, the challenge of an event of this magnitude was the timing—having all courses perfectly cooked and perfectly plated, then served to all guests simultaneously.  There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to pull an event like this off.  Weather is always a factor, although the extended forecast for Sunday looks favorable.  For a chef with Rich Montini’s credentials, it’s all in a day’s work.  The first dinner featured 6 courses served to 65 people, grand feast style.  They had servers and staff from three restaurants to make sure all courses were done, plated and served at the same time.  The theme was a Harvest Feast and diners left happily stuffed.  Lucky for all of us, he’s decided to stretch his culinary limits to bring another cool event to Beaver County.

Seating is limited.  Tickets can be purchased at Heirloom Restaurant or Herban Touch Juice Lab & Café for $75, which includes your meal and the medieval style beverages on the menu. You can also BYOB if medieval beverages are not your thing.  Dinner starts at 5 pm on Sunday. Go to for additional details.

Sharon was born & raised in Beaver County, and graduated from Western Beaver HS too many years ago to recall. She graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Communications. She has been in the financial services industry since 1999. In her spare time, Sharon sits on the Board of Directors of PUSH Beaver County and the Midland Arts Council. When not working, she can be found checking out the local music scene or hiking trails in the area with her favorite rescue, Max.