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It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of beer, especially local craft beer. From making it myself to drinking at the brewery; if it’s craft beer I’m all over it. Thanks to this love of all things beer, I’ve tried my best to find places to go and be sociable while enjoying my favorite beverage and contrary to what some people might think, there are some pretty amazing places to get a good craft beer in Beaver County.

Sure, there are a lot of places that offer beer, but few that offer the atmosphere, service, and selection that this age of craft beer requires. I looked throughout all of Beaver County and found my favorite places to get a good beer in Beaver County and listed them for you below.

A few caveats before getting into the article though. First, these are what I consider the best places to get great beer in Beaver County. There are far too many bars to list, and everyone has their favorite, for sure.

This list represents the best craft beer bars in Beaver County, so that means they must have a great selection of beer from around the country and possibly the world, they have to have an atmosphere and décor that’s interesting without being ridiculous, and most importantly, they need to be within Beaver County.

Note: The bars are listed in alphabetical order to be fair. This is definitely not any type of ranking.

1810 Tavern

Hiding on the main street of Bridgewater lies a building that in my lifetime has seen its share of different businesses. From coffee shops, to crafts and local artisan shops, to more than one bar, the current home of the 1810 Tavern has seen some history.

The most recent and possibly the best incarnation of business in one of the oldest buildings in the town is also quite possibly the best fit for the location. The 1810 Tavern, with its brick walls and antique hardwood floor gives off a certain vibe that’s hard to resist. The bar itself has multiple rooms to make dining a sit-down quality experience while keeping the bar area lively and ready for a band on the weekends.

You’ll find an assortment of bottled beer as well as 5-6 craft beers on draft at any time. The staff is knowledgeable and is usually pretty good at suggesting a beer based on your tastes. Check their Facebook page for events, as there are usually a few beer samplings and beer dinners here each month.

The Backdoor Tavern

Located in Fallston, The Backdoor Tavern was my first foray into the world of craft beer. While the draft and bottle selection are surprisingly deep given the size of the bar area, the biggest draw for the Back Door Tavern is the atmosphere.

The bar is usually filled to capacity at night, and the items decorating everything from the resin-casted bar to the vintage golf flags, to the names of all of us that have completed the 88 beer challenge, or “The List” as you call it when you ask for it, everything in the Backdoor is great.

The drafts rotate fairly often, and there is always a great selection of small and large bottles. If you haven’t been to the Backdoor Tavern yet, make it a goal for this year. Best of all, the food served at the bar and next door in the connected restaurant is out of this world good, and the fish sandwich is easily my favorite anywhere in or out of Beaver County.

Bocktown Beer and Grill

Bocktown Beer

The name says it all, and for good reason! Bocktown Beer and Grill at the Beaver Valley Mall in Center has been a feature of the mall since 2011 when owner Chris Dilla opened her second location right here in Beaver County.

Bocktown features more than 400 different bottles of beer and 16 continuously rotating American craft beers on tap. Dilla calls the coolers that house the bottled beer collection the “Beer Library,” and after checking out the selection, you’ll probably agree.

You’ll find simple classic craft beers that are great for just about any palate as well as the weird and wild, too. There’s a beer for everyone here and best of all, the atmosphere is great and the food is outstanding. If craft beer is your thing, this is one place you have to visit more than once.

Bowser’s Restaurant

Bowser's Beer

Bowser’s Restaurant is a staple of Beaver County that’s been in the same location since opening their doors in 1993. Today, Bowser’s in Center Twp. is known for their craft beer selection as much as they are for their Pittsburgh-style sandwiches.

Bowser’s features more than 200 different bottles and cans of craft beer as well as 8 continuously rotating craft beer taps. The staff at Bowser’s is great, and if you happen to catch Charlene bartending, she’ll give you one of the best beer educations that can be given across a bar.

Overall, Bowsers is one of the best values in craft beer with some of the best prices on beer I’ve found in my travels, so checking them out is in your best interest, both for the atmosphere as well as for your finances!

The Front Door Tavern

The Front Door Tavern on Darlington Road in South Beaver Twp. is a bar that doesn’t get enough notoriety. This hidden gem features more than 100 bottles of craft beer as well as 3-6 rotating craft beer taps. While you may not have the selection of some larger bars, the bar has a great feel that makes you feel right at home and want to hang out for a few beers.

The Front Door is definitely a bar you have to experience to love, but anywhere that serves great beer is pretty OK in my book.

Hollywood Gardens

Hollywood Gardens Rochester

Right off of Brighton Avenue in Rochester is one of Beaver County’s best craft beer bars. Hollywood Gardens features 12 rotating drafts and a staff that loves finding the right beer for you. Make sure you venture back to their “beer cave” to check out their entire selection of craft bottles!

The food at Hollywood Gardens is as good as the beer. You’ll find everything from made to order burgers to cheese and meat boards, which pair very well with the beers on draft.

Well, that’s it for the first part of the best places to find craft beer in Beaver County. Check back soon for Part 2, where I hit up all your suggestions below and see who else should be included in the list.

Brian is a nut when it comes to all things local, especially beer. Born and raised in Center, he now resides in Beaver, loving every minute of it. A technology nut and freelance writer extraordinaire, he knows all the secret spots and things to do in the Beav.