401 Brkich Way, Suite 6

Your Beaver County went live on September 8, 2014. On that day, I was absolutely thrilled that a whopping 283 local people clicked through to read the articles I had written over the previous month. Just three months later, the site is quickly approaching 10,000 Facebook fans and is averaging more than 1,000 Beaver County residents stopping by each day. To say that the growth has been staggering would be a drastic understatement.

The Future of Your Beaver County

With this exciting growth comes a whole list of exciting options and also plenty of logistical problems. If we saw that type of growth in just the first three months, what is this thing going to look like after 6, 9, and 12 months? What about three years from now?

The ultimate goal for Your Beaver County is to serve as a digital lifestyle magazine that keeps everyone in our community connected. It is meant to be a positive beacon of light that highlights the people and businesses in our community that are making a positive impact.

We’re Going to Need an Office

In order to reach these big, lofty, idealistic goals that I have set for the site, at some point we are going to need to grow into an office. While each of us writing from various local coffee shops and restaurants (and my basement) is working great for now, down the road we are going to need to establish a physical presence in the community.

I’m not exactly sure when we will be making the jump to a physical office space, but I surely want to be prepared and have scouted at least a few different options. So with that, it is time to begin looking at different commercial office space options in Beaver County.

The Modern Office Space

The first office that caught my eye was this modern looking corner office located at 401 Brkich Way in Bridgewater. This nice looking red brick building is part of a six-unit row of offices that have an unbeatable location. The building looks practically brand new and would present a very fresh, modern appearance for us.

When you walk in the front door, you find yourself in a large room that could fit several desks and serve as the administrative hub of the company. There is also a set of stairs that takes you up to a loft space that could be used for creative work. Knowing some of the writers that work for Your Beaver County pretty well, I could definitely see us throwing things at each other from this loft space. There is a good chance that some nerf guns would be involved as well.

401 Brkich Way, Suite 6

Location, Location, Location

As we talk about in most every real estate article, location is the key to everything, and this office has a great one. Businesses based in Bridgewater are basically located right in the center of the county, so it would be a quick ride to anywhere you need to go in Beaver County.

Being located in Bridgewater also provides some great options for grabbing lunch like Tinitique and 1810 Tavern, which are both within walking distance. The office is also right down the road from Jerry’s Curb Service, Bruster’s, and Kelly’s, and The Back Door Tavern isn’t exactly far away.

For me personally, it is also very close to my home in downtown Monaca. I can shoot across the bridge, through the roundabout in Rochester and down to Bridge Street in literally five minutes. My wife would also love the idea of me cruising past Giant Eagle on the way home from work every night.

We aren’t there yet, but when we are, I could see this awesome little office being a great location for Your Beaver County Headquarters if it happens to still be available when we get to that point.

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