Beaver County Polar Plunge

This is a guest post from Jennifer Vallecorsa. Jennifer is a lifelong resident of Center Township. Jennifer is a graduate of Cal U and is currently working as a special education teacher at the Buckeye Online School for Success in East Liverpool, Ohio. A mother of two sets of fraternal twins, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, sports, music, and writing in her spare time.

On Saturday, January 24th, 2015, the local chapter of the Special Olympics Pennsylvania will be holding their annual Beaver County Polar Plunge event. This event will be held at the Bridgewater Landings Marina. There are an approximated 300 individual plungers and about 30 teams that have already registered. If you haven’t already registered and are interested, there is still plenty of time!

The Mission

The 2015 Beaver County Polar Plunge is an annual event organized by the local chapter of the Special Olympics PA. It is known as the “Official Event of Winter”! A variety of people have committed to raise $50 or more to plunge in support of Special Olympics PA athletes. The goal for this event is to accumulate $75,000 in donations. As of January 13th, nearly 40% of this goal has been reached with over $29,000 in donations. It is a great way to give back to your community for an even greater cause.

What to Expect

Some participants make this an annual event on their calendars every year. There will be groups of teachers, friends, and families all there to show their support for the organization.

Many of the plungers make light of the extremely cold temperatures they will be facing by dressing up in different outfits. In the past, plungers have taken the dip wearing bikinis, specially designed t-shirts, children’s floatation devices, tutus, and many other creative costumes. On hand, there will be lifeguards and medical personnel for safety precautions.

Plunge Town

In addition to the “Plunge”, there will be various activities and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. You can expect to see various games for the kids, free refreshments, live music, costume contests, and much, much more! These will all be available while waiting for main event at 12:00pm. All activities will take place at the Bridgewater Landings Marina located at 404 Brkich Way, Beaver, PA 15009.

Plunge Incentives

For those registering, there are incentives available to help reach certain goals. On the Plunge website,, you can find a link titled, “Plunge Incentives”. Here you will find information about the Special Olympics Pennsylvania’s Polar Plunge Redemption Site.

For certain amounts of donations raised, individuals are eligible to receive redemption certificates. They may redeem these certificates approximately two weeks after the event. Items such as umbrellas, hooded sweatshirts, and fleece jackets are prizes that may be available to you. It all depends on the amount of money that you raise.

If you do qualify for these plunge incentives, you must redeem your certificate and can expect your prize to be shipped to you around 15 days after placing your order on the website.   

Too Chicken to Plunge?

If taking a dip in extremely frigid water isn’t something that interests you, there are still ways to help out this great organization. For those of you who are too afraid to plunge, you can still show your support to the local chapter of the Special Olympics PA.

For a minimum of $50, you can register under “Too Chicken to Plunge”. Those who register under this category can show support to their friends, family members, or co-workers who are plunging. These individuals will receive a “Too Chicken to Plunge” long sleeved t-shirt for their donations.

There is a link on the website titled, “Too Chicken to Plunge”. This donation can be contributed by joining a team, starting your own team, or on your own.

Registration and Event Information

Date: Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Registration Time: 9:30am-11:30am

Plunge Town: 9:30am-12:00pm

Plunge Time: 12:00pm

The parking for this event is free. In addition to registering at the event, you can also sign up to participate online at  So if you haven’t registered already, consider taking the “plunge”. I promise that your friends and family will think that you’re really cool for doing it!