1334 indiana ave

This is the type of listing that is absolutely perfect for the young, budget-conscious couple looking to get started with the type of home that they can’t possibly lose money on. This home at 1334 Atlantic Avenue in Monaca was a good deal when it original listed for $70,000, but since the price was dropped to $57,900 it might just be the best bargain in all of Beaver County.

For a house that would require a mortgage payment comparable to many car payments, you might expect it to be falling apart or have a large portion of its exterior walls missing. However, that simply isn’t the case here. Every room in this house looks neat, clean, and tidy.

With all of the great modern cabinets in the kitchen, nothing about this house feels like it was built in 1900. Every single inch of the space is utilized in the most efficient way possible. The kitchen also features modern appliances!

Another great selling point for this home is the master bedroom, which is actually quite large for the neighborhood. Most homes in this area suffer from smaller rooms, but at 17 x 12, the master bedroom here is one of the biggest you will find in downtown Monaca.

The home also features a detached garage along the alley that runs behind the house. Between the house and the garage is a great yard that would make a wonderful play area for a dog!

The bottom line with this house at 1334 Indiana Avenue is that it is move-in ready, and at the price it is listed for, there might not be a better deal out there!

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