Early on Christmas morning, Your Beaver County received this letter from Santa Claus himself letting all of the children of Beaver County know how much he enjoyed spending some time here last night!

From the Desk of Kris Kringle:

Dearest Children of Beaver County,

My reindeer and I are relaxing at the North Pole after a long night of circling the world!

I wanted to write to tell you all just how much I enjoyed visiting you this year at the Beaver County Mall, and at all the wonderful parties hosted by your local fire departments and clubs. Did you see me waving at you this week on Brodhead Road? I read all of your letters, and had a record-breaking Nice List for 2016!

My sleigh made a few extra stops while I was in Beaver County. Dasher & Dancer were hungry (after all, they’d already flown over half of the earth!), so we pulled over at Diamond Milling in New Brighton for some magical reindeer feed.

My big red belly was growling, too, but I couldn’t leave the sleigh unattended. Luckily, I was able to land the reindeer and sleigh on the roof of the canopy at Jerry’s Curb Service in Bridgewater! I wish we had Dorsey burgers at the North Pole…

On our way through Beaver, we stopped at Kretchmar’s Bakery for a cake (did you know Mrs. Claus’s birthday is the day after Christmas?) They also had left me a sweet plate of cookies and a glass of creamy Brunton Dairy milk. A couple doors down the street, we dropped off some extra Workshop toys at Castle Toys for safekeeping.


The scout elves insisted we stop at Police Station Pizza in Ambridge to take dinner home to our Toy Workshop friends – every year the elves come back to the North Pole to tell everyone what delicious pizza comes from Beaver County!

I hope you’re enjoying the gifts left under your tree and in your stocking. Remember to be kind and generous all year long, and be thankful for your loved ones, as the people in your life are the most important of all!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

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Ella Parker
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